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Hoboken, NJ


Park + Garden - Hoboken, NJ

Park + Garden is a new mixed-use multifamily sustainable high-rise building located in the north end
of Hoboken developed by NJ’s premier green residential builder, Bijou Properties. But it’s so much more than that. Park + Garden also provided a transect of new pedestrian walkways which link directly to a public park and the Hudson River Walkway establishing a new “Green Zone” in Hoboken. To accomplish this, a segment of Garden Street was permanently closed to vehicular traffic creating Hoboken’s first pedestrian mall which hosts a weekly neighborhood fresh food farmers market. The Jersey Journal reported this feat as “Hoboken’s First Pedestrian Mall”. Park + Garden is within the grasp of those seeking a complete sustainable way-of-life. This area serves as a sanctuary for family life within a dense urban environment. The 12 story building is LEED Gold and contains a rich mix of uses including a variety of residential units types, a green roof, a recreational roof deck, a K-8 public charter school containing 22 classrooms and a shared gymnasium which is used by the students during school hours and the residents at nights and on weekends. The building utilizes an automated parking technology to minimize the space devoted to parking allowing for commercial uses on the ground floor, including a pediatric medical clinic, a bank, and other retail uses to activate the sidewalk.

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Status: Built
Location: Hoboken, NJ, US
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Bijou Properties