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AIA NNJ Award Winner - Metropolitan Lofts

Metropolitan Lofts:

What’s Old is New Again

Metropolitan Lofts is a new mixed-use urban infill project located in Morristown’s central business district. The project contains 59 residential units and 3,500 SF of retail space on the ground floor. The building is designed to plug into an otherwise completed block of new buildings that surround a central interior structured parking garage. The basic form of the building is a five-story plain black brick box with a regular grid of punched window openings.  A portion of the façade steps out on two sides to engage the street with a detailed zinc-clad edifice. This 12-foot deep projecting façade breaks up the mass of the building by reducing the building’s scale into its surrounding context of smaller older structures and allows for a covered arcade on the ground floor to serve the retail and entry lobby. Morristown’s Redevelopment Plan for this site called for a “loft style” architecture to complement its historic structures. The architectural response refers to the cast iron lofts of SoHo and Tribeca. 

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Status: Built
Location: Morristown, NJ
Firm Role: Architect