Rico Kwok

Rico Kwok

Hong Kong, HK


Twisted public ground- CTBUH International Student Tall Building Design Competition

The planning of urban space in Hong Kong is totalized to be oriented towards the economy as the matter of fact in the scarcity of land. The public space assigned in the high rise in Hong Kong are stocked up on the unreachable levels above the ground depriving the value of “The Public”, “Freedom” or “The Principle of Equality”. Our proposal would like to invert this type of urban reality and hopefully provide alternative options for quality urban space in the typical scenario of high-density urban condition crammed with people and traffic. Our construction of civic tower is both as landmarks for common identity and as elements of permanence in the city.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Hong Kong, HK
Additional Credits: I would like to express my very great appreciation to my teammates, Yannie Ho, Maggie Lai, and Canossa Chan.