Rico Kwok

Rico Kwok

Hong Kong, HK


Indigenous Cultural Embassy at Tiohtiake

Aboriginal culture, undeniably an essential representative element, is a topic of complexity in Canada. Despite emphasis of indigenous culture in recent years, aboriginal communities were not as well accepted as it seems nowadays, and have been struggling from a long, controlled and systemic acculturation politically, socially and culturally under the influence of colonization. 

Located on the very first port of Montreal, the origin of French Colonization, this project has a symbolic significance to the indigenous and Canadian community,  as a statement to connect past and future, through admission of the community at the frontline of Montreal modern city profile and return of original territories to the people. 

This studio proposes, through the future cultural embassy project Montreal, at the Clock Tower, to bring students to meet and understand the aboriginal communities of Quebec in all their diversity, and seek identities of traditions in contemporary urban context through spatial design.  

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Status: School Project
Location: Montreal, QC, CA
Additional Credits: I would like to express my very great appreciation to my tutors, Éric Moutquin & Alain Fournier, and my groupmates, Anya Mn & Mathilde Delaforet.