Rico Kwok

Rico Kwok

Hong Kong, HK


Bottom up- Toward china’s ‘Toilet Revolution’

SHIT happens, every day.

We make it happen every day.

But do we ever think about it?

This studio is commissioned by a Yunnan charity project, as part of China’s “Toilet Revolution” campaign, to rethink toilet the sanitary conditions in the rural. By exploring the spatial, social and technical issues involved in the current toilet design, a new composting toilet complex, a self-sustaining system without major construction of piping, has been designed for an elementary school and the individual families in a Yunnan village. Beyond the rudimentary project dealing with human excretion, the architecture is a device of spatial improvement to the organization of surrounding public spaces to boost communication in the rural.

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Status: School Project
Location: Yünnan, CN
Additional Credits: I would like to express my very great appreciation to my tutor, Tao Zhu, and my groupmates, Steven Qi, Maggie Lai, and Koey Chung.