Rico Kwok

Rico Kwok

Hong Kong, HK


Moment of transition-Cheungchau typhoon shelter

Topics of constructions, both above and below the sea, have been explored in human history. Yet, transition of medium, water and air, in between sea level, that brings fascinating spatial quality, is seldomly mentioned.

Breakwater is a form of coastal defense, to protect areas of human habitation from action of tides and wave. Given the static feature in the sea, it shows conflict with the dynamic nature of the coast and sea level, which makes it a suitable architectural subject to elaborate in the following stages.

Rethinking nature and value of breakwater, this project believe breakwater, as a common coast protection device constantly engaging sea level, can be more than an infrastructure that guards near-shore community, but also have high potential to integrate with a variety of programs and bring extra values to the adjacent.

Taking Cheung Chau Typhoon Shelter as the site, this project attempts to introduce local activities into a new breakwater building design, and capture that specific quality of space in the transition between water surface.

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Status: School Project
Location: Hong Kong, HK
Additional Credits: I would like to express my very great appreciation to my tutor, Valerie Portefaix.