Name that Architect and Building!!!


phuyaka...the door on your second image is killing me...

Sep 4, 07 4:14 pm

well for a hint, it's in Belgium.

And I agree Lars, I also thing it would be nice if it opened up a bit more in the back since the front is so fortified. gotta love the cortenz though:

simples you're right, it looks like it matches the front door, and I think it leads to the basement, pretty wretched.

Sep 4, 07 4:18 pm

i thought that that door was just in during construction.
cause it looks like there's a sliding door that's waiting
to be installed or something.

Sep 4, 07 5:07 pm

it's kinda like a side-back mullet. business up front, party on the side and out back.

Sep 4, 07 5:36 pm

lars i think you're right. by the looks of the plans that space will eventually be solid, my guess with that new brick pattern used under the expansion.

still no takers?

Sep 4, 07 5:49 pm

On a glance I'd say its by Conix, but much of the recent stuff is more D& my intelligent guess is going to be Teema Architects

Sep 4, 07 6:20 pm

phuyaka...i officially give up...but i am happy to know that the back door is most likely no longer there...

Sep 4, 07 6:20 pm

i was thinking teema as well, but couldn't find it on their website.

they've got some great projects, belgium really gets overlooked, it's like the kansas of europe...

Sep 4, 07 6:25 pm

I think if holz is stumped I can unmask it.
It's VBM Architects, the VV house in Kampenhout, Belgium. It's one of their smaller projects, but I think the majority of the work they do is really nice.
Their administrative center and library project for Bonheiden is probably their most published:

Sep 4, 07 6:42 pm

yeah, you stumped everyone.

vbm's got a nice website.

try another?

Sep 4, 07 6:56 pm
Sep 4, 07 7:38 pm

element house, seoul korea, anyang art city 2006
sami rintala in collaboration with finn forest

Sep 4, 07 7:44 pm

it's also the first image that comes up when you type
'corten house belgium' into google images search

Sep 4, 07 7:45 pm

Jebus, that was quick.

I can get really hard on you and get some Australasian buildings....

Sep 4, 07 7:45 pm
Sep 4, 07 7:51 pm

Although there is a clue in the image link...

Sep 4, 07 7:54 pm

charles mcbride ryan - narveno court. it's in the wallpaper

Sep 4, 07 8:11 pm

Snooker, thanks for the Cagliostro house (Oakland) of Jack Hillmer.


Sep 4, 07 8:43 pm

sdr....way to go bro!

Sep 4, 07 9:44 pm

located directly adjacent to this project:

Sep 4, 07 9:54 pm

snooker, i was close. at least with the location and the genre. saying, "maybe william wurster."

Sep 4, 07 9:55 pm

Orhan Ayyuce: you were in the neigborhood. Jack Hillmer, has recently seen a little bit of public relations. He didn't do alot of projects....but every one was a jewel.

on another topic. I used to work with an architect from Turkey in Boston. Kahan Tunncel...[excuse the spelling]. Great guy, intoduced
me to turkish I guess it made it easier to marry a Brazilian. I have always had the desire to go and visit him and his architect wife.

Sep 4, 07 10:00 pm
Sep 4, 07 10:01 pm

Sep 4, 07 10:20 pm

I'm feeling stupid, I missed the last couple AND worse I know this building. I've seen it before. I know its a hotel - but other than that I'm drawing a blank. A big fat zero. Time to renew my Architecture Review

Sep 4, 07 10:27 pm

holz, that round one
is Sorell Hotel Zürichberg extension by burkhalter sumi.

Sep 5, 07 3:11 am

ok...keeping it european

Sep 5, 07 7:48 am


yours is flw right? i just don't know which project yet...

Sep 5, 07 9:21 am

holz I couldn't think of the name of that hotel in time (well played p2an), but I've actually been there, the view from the rooms over the lake is pretty incredible. good choice.

Sep 5, 07 9:36 am

p2an - too easy. auer+ weber bibliothek der otto von guericke. i almost worked there.

Sep 5, 07 11:52 am

holz. i KNEW you would get it. but i thought i'd put it up anyway.
i worked with them for a while in the stuttgart office - did a horrid china housing project with them.

Sep 5, 07 12:24 pm

it is a 1980's ray kappe design here in santa monica, ca.
stairs connect 4 floors and threads made of obscure glass, carrying natural the light all the way down.
me and my friend were hired as we were students at sci arc to protect expensive building materials (choice lumber etc,) at night. living in construction site the whole summer only at night after everybody left. creepy, drugged and analytical about the master's work. then we were busted by his partner called lottery, partying heavily with some guests, causing the whole neighborhood to complain about dead kennedy's music all night. ray still remembers the fiasco.

Sep 5, 07 12:32 pm

i figured it wasn't that obvious. just seemed like the forms
and the cherokee red were indicative of flw.

but the handrail seemed more modern than that.

Sep 5, 07 12:42 pm

a little green building in germany:

Sep 5, 07 1:14 pm

no? it might be a lot more obscure. it's a realschule if that helps.

Sep 5, 07 4:03 pm

Bär/Stadelmann/Stöcker - school in Aschheim

Sep 5, 07 6:43 pm

yeah. bss architekten

they've got some nice, pared down projects on the website.

guess it wasn't as tough as i thought it'd be

Sep 5, 07 7:08 pm
Sep 5, 07 8:20 pm

holz it took me a little bit, had to browse world-architects for a bit.
here's another keeping with the timber theme:

Sep 5, 07 10:35 pm

diabase, being that i was original from oz - that's an easy one - Marion Cultural Centre by ARM (Ashton Raggatt McDougall).


phuyaka, thats by Marcel Meili, Markus Peter. Schweizerische Hochschule für Holzwirtschaft, Biel. (School for Wood Technology, Biel)

Sep 6, 07 2:43 am


Sep 6, 07 7:13 am

ok...check out that 2.75m high beam on a villa

Sep 6, 07 7:42 am

nb. check out that 2.75m high beam on a villa

Sep 6, 07 7:43 am


Sep 6, 07 7:44 am

ack, i was just looking at this a few weeks ago... or something eerily similar. it's in portugal, no?

Sep 6, 07 4:36 pm

spain...and was published in a magazine recently that i have a feeling you may read.

Sep 6, 07 5:02 pm

Anton Garcia-Abril - Ensamble Studio: House in Martemar

p2an - I believe you are referring to the magazine Arquitectura y Diseno - which is a great magazine with beautiful projects... and good value too - I can get it for NZ$12 and the thing weighs a ton.

Sep 6, 07 5:29 pm

it was also in Bauwelt recently (which wouldnt surprise me if holz read).
i havent seen Arquitectura y Diseno, i'll have to have a look for that.
btw, after seeing the ARM image i realised i havent heard much about them recently. have they gone quiet or is it because i havent seen a copy of Architecture Australia for over 6 years!

Sep 6, 07 5:44 pm

Yummy stuff, people. As a woodworker, I am gratified by all the inventive use of wood as an exterior material -- in ways more appropriate perhaps than ever before ?

As I correctly identified a submission by snooker; I'll post this, a domestic example:

Sep 6, 07 6:09 pm

i figured out the answer..but i cheated a bit so i'll
let it slide for now...nice house though.

Sep 6, 07 6:25 pm

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