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I am starting a new thread that is about other threads. You can talk about other discussions taking a place in Archinect and make cross references to a particular link, picture, response and whatever else you deem necessary or entertaining or thought provoking about the other thread. thus the name: Thread Central

here are some examples of comments that comes to mind:
* hey did you read on --------- thread ------- thinks frank gehry is good. hahahaharhar..
*i can't believe he said that. how stupid of him. asshole.on top of it he is got hundreds of posts. gimme a break.
* this is the best thread.. fuck the others..
*****Thread Alert******
read the -----thread yet??? there is a dog fight going on between ----- is about gondolas and pollution in Venice..see you there.
* yeaah, i don't read that thread either. its kind a boring.
*i am thinking about starting a discussion about ------------- ---- ---- will you guys in Thread Central post in it and say wow it a great thread?. it was about time 'somebody' (insert my name please) picked up on it.. and discuss it?

like whatever..

Feb 12, 06 9:25 pm

i wonder if some body is going to start athread about Dick Cheney shoot a man? probably norm has got some info on that. i wonder what vado will post on it. it is kind of his alley..

Feb 12, 06 9:35 pm


I'm thinking of posting this in the thread thread:

"*****Thread Alert******
read the thread thread yet??? there is a dog fight going on between abracadabra and manamana. it is about post-whoring and pollution in brain cells...see you there."

I almost did, actually, but then I thought better of it.

Feb 12, 06 9:47 pm

here it is there is this house again in
'deserthouses' thread. i think it is a one hit wonder and better as a movie set or a sculpture that took too long to make. but i can't really post it there because it might offend jump. jump is a pretty good guy.
by the way, what do you think about vindpust? is he real per? or per become vindpust and kind of getting interested more about other things than 3Dh. i guess time will tell.

Feb 12, 06 9:51 pm
vado retro

for a minute there i thought you were referring to me ie "that asshole has got hundreds of posts" then i realized it couldnt be me cuz i have 2250 posts. so i may be an asshole but im not that asshole. thanks for caring. dick cheney would be a better shot if he hadnt have taken those military deferments.

Feb 12, 06 9:58 pm
liberty bell

I noticed Orhan posted the same comment twice on both the "are buildings gendered" and "hottest female architect" threads - it's so col that it applied equally well in both situations! The man is brilliant.

Oh and can someone explain to me vado's comment re: heart-shaped eggs on the "Ready-Made" thread? Jeepers, half the time I don't understand that guy.

Feb 12, 06 10:25 pm

yea thats vado. like if you don't get it right then..he ain't gonna help or anything. maybe two weeks later if he remembers it. then again, like what part of the eggs you don't get it lbee? you know what i mean.

Feb 12, 06 10:40 pm

you go liberty bell...

Feb 12, 06 10:43 pm
vado retro

damn i'll meed a spatula. there's always a catch...

Feb 12, 06 10:53 pm
liberty bell

Thanks driftwood. Jeepers people on this site are so helpful! Now that people have helped me (driftwood here, Steven Ward and ManuG on the "hottest architect" thread) I better go back to the "architect shoes" thread and answer Something Over There's question about how to post an image.

Feb 12, 06 10:57 pm

gee whats that all about? like an eggs breakfast dating or something?
anyway, do you think anybody eventually will get married because of archinect pimping? maybe it already happened? i wonder because which post they've fall in for eachother?

Feb 12, 06 10:58 pm

I think I have a crush on liberty bell now...

That's so hot and nerdy... Like a real life Velma!

Feb 12, 06 11:03 pm
liberty bell

Jeepers, thanks driftwood! And let me tell you - at 11pm local time with at least three hours of work to go before a meeting on-site with a plumber at 9AM Monday morning, a sweet comment like that will keep me going.

Feb 12, 06 11:11 pm

' Archinect Has Jumped the Shark '
whats that mean with fonzie's pic on it?
the guy thinks we are stupid now.. fuck that.. yes there is some uninspired posts but, it is like a lot of people have deadlines and stuff man..i think it was right on when driftwood told him he is not saying much either..i checked his page, he started 'Is the bubble in trouble?' thread like 2 responses ditto ...

Feb 12, 06 11:13 pm

I'll be your huckleberry anytime, lb!

I like how he explained what 'jumping the shark' was.

Feb 12, 06 11:16 pm

I totally should have centered the "Heeeeeeeeeeeeyy!!" underneath the picture I posted of The Fonze...

I'm really upset by how it turned out.

Feb 12, 06 11:18 pm

hey lb, you and vado are kind'a like this these days?

Feb 12, 06 11:21 pm

I dont get the dating thread. What is being talked about? Is there dating? The prospect of dating? Dating anecdotes? There doesnt seem to be anything to latch on to except for, evidently, geezopeez.

I'm also interested in whatever thread snowi posted his picture in. Is that picture an accurate depiction? A while ago, he mentioned me as his least favourite archinecter, which I thought was a bit cheeky. So seeing his visage kind of put a face to a name - although, not the face I was imagining.

Another thing, when posting links, do you include any necessary punctuation as part of the link or after it?

Feb 12, 06 11:32 pm
vado retro

have you ever jumped a shark? it aint that ez. give fonz some credit.

Feb 12, 06 11:37 pm

I don't get it when people post topics and then don't comment on hardly anything. I'm talking about people like the "jump the shark" guy who have 21 entries and 22 comments. Why would you come on here and say something sketchy and then run off? It doesn't make any sense to me.

Also vindpust doesn't make any sense to me either, therefore yes, I think it is Per.

Feb 12, 06 11:51 pm

funny wonderK. i just read that 'jump the shark' thead and thought the same thing.

Feb 12, 06 11:53 pm

Reef sharks aren't that dangerous... It's pretty lame to jump a reef shark.

Let's jump a great white. One from Seal Island....

Feb 12, 06 11:58 pm
vado retro

are you saying fonzie should jump over a great white seal??? what thread is the seal thread??? i'm confused. my cat just jumped on the kitchen counter. which reminds me of something else...

Feb 13, 06 12:03 am

Does that even look like a seal??

If you look close enough in this next image, you might be able to see one...

Feb 13, 06 12:06 am

in fact sharks are related to people. they'll let you jump.

Feb 13, 06 12:07 am

do you think that person will find 24" aff bokcase? i mean c'mon. she/he doesn't even say anything. and is going to turn around and say "architects don't know anything about furniture" and this will be bad for our proffession. as a matter of fact it is because of responses so far giving architects bad name..
i feel like posting and saying,
" never mind those angry people 'realia', here are some good sources for exactly what you are looking for because i had to spec out 345 of them just last week to a chinese night club where people read a lot"
showing some class..

Feb 13, 06 12:33 am
el jeffe

"chinese night club"
great - working to a 10:00 deadline tomorrow morning (same time as lb if you consider the time zone) and now i'm risking the pepsi syndrome on my keyboard....

Feb 13, 06 12:44 am
el jeffe

at 4.6 x 3.1 x 0.5 inches, it ain't the size of the bookcase but the size of the book...errr....nevermind....

Feb 13, 06 12:49 am
FOG Lite

Anyone see the Arrested development where Henry Winkler hopped over a shark? I'm going to miss that show. Maybe I'll start a thread about it...

Feb 13, 06 12:53 am
liberty bell

el jeffe, you and I seem to often have concurrent deadlines! As was noted in this previous thread, which I will post in the spirit of the Thread Central: Is everything in slow motion at your office too?

This must be the 3-story office building. And did you ever replace your MIA intern?

Maybe we just work too hard. We need a spa day. I should be able to fit one in my schedule in about 8 weeks. Or ten.

Feb 13, 06 1:03 am
el jeffe

naw - this one is a clothing store TI.
i'm stamping & shipping out an office building for plan check tomorrow, phew.
the MIA intern showed up, but hasn't been replaced.
he's like a frank zappa guitar; when he works he's great but he breaks down often.
my wife and i were talking tonight, we're planning on spending a night up here in a few weeks and catch this.

Feb 13, 06 1:18 am
liberty bell

Oh, man, I am so jealous! I could never get my husband to go to a spa with me, but he has been to SITE SF before and would love to go again. Hmmmm...maybe I should check some ticket prices...

Feb 13, 06 1:53 am
liberty bell

As clarification for those of you joining in on Monday morning, the Jump the Shark thread has disappeared.

Feb 13, 06 2:40 am
FOG Lite


Feb 13, 06 3:10 am


Feb 13, 06 3:11 am
vado retro

never been there jeffe, but have been to ten thousand waves many times...exfoliate my friend...

Feb 13, 06 7:46 am

enjoy SITE, el jeffe. i knew nothing about it before going to santa fe. what a wonderful surprise. one of the best art venues (museum? center?) i've visited in a long time.

Feb 13, 06 8:23 am
job job

heyyyy, what's happening diabase. i think you misread my post! i like some of your comments, but being anonymous in internet forums allows social distance.

Outside a few who use their names, we're just avatars and I don't know you any more that I know my newspaper agent (who I've seen weekly for the past 3 years). It's not a personal attack! example, the username Chairman Mao is as charismatic to me as someone logging in as Stalin, but heshe may be superfly, I'll just never know.

I don't post pictures - i like the ability to post in security of not being held accountable; Rem will get mad

on threads central: i can say it really doesn't get interesting on the forum until the eastern seaboard comes online. other than a few uk hits, a sporadic supernova in dubai, and jump in tokyo, there's not much action

Feb 13, 06 9:18 am

How can there be 172 posts on the dating thread and no date yet? What a waste of HTML.

Feb 13, 06 9:52 am
liberty bell

Hmmm, the thread title here was until very recently in bold. I liked it. Suddenly it's not. Nothing escapes my notice.

Feb 13, 06 9:54 am

i think it sucked more electricity when bold. i made it bold not realising thread titles were already in bold. sorri..i liked it too though.

that dating trade turned into homophobic jive. i don't think prolly is gonna get a date. for sure.

Feb 13, 06 10:02 am

i don't think that mossonline shelve system is a good solution either in bookshelf thread. sorry rayray it just too much space wasted at the base for a 24" high book case.
do you guys think i should post it right there?
i am gonna go look some other threads now. catch you later.

Feb 13, 06 10:11 am

like there is this picture i saw this morning. sure it is fascinating because it is from mars. wow the place look like down here on earth. i think mars is a better vacation spot than moon.

now back to 24" bookshelves. do you think it is really worth it to dump 2-3 grand on the enclosure when you can buy about 50 books or more? i mean wtf? is it going into the apartment of somebody who only has the best? what kind of publications are going to be there.i wonder if everybody should read about how walter benjamin arrenged his books? before buying bookshelves.

Feb 13, 06 12:59 pm

the essay actually called, "unpacking my library-a talk on collecting"
benjamin wrote it 1931 and i read it in his book, illuminations. i can't find a the actual essay to post here but idid find and essay on it by joseph d. lewandowski in pdf format

Feb 13, 06 1:33 pm
liberty bell

I think these are some of the coolest bookshelves I've ever seen:

From this thread right here on archinect!

Do they look familiar abra, or was that too, too long ago....?

Feb 13, 06 1:37 pm

almost 20 years. thanks lb.
the first book on the lower shelf on the right was a monogram by john baldessari. i remember that much..probably it is 100 times the original price now.
metropolis had some choice books.
too bad bookstore didn't last too long when the money situation got heiry between the owners who were relatives.

Feb 13, 06 1:51 pm

It turns out I was at Metropolis Books 24 June 1988, and I do remember admiring the shelves.

Chapel's place was down the street and around the corner, and we wound up staying in his enchanting studio. Actually, we wound up having full run of the place because Chapel went to get his stomach stabled while we were staying there. I used to love going on vacation.

Feb 13, 06 2:22 pm

yes wow thats it, i see you bought october mag. i think it also had oppositions. so you have actually seen my first project. it was demoed following year for indian antics store.

Feb 13, 06 2:38 pm

Sorry to hear about the demolition. I remember wishing there was such a nice bookstore in my neighborhood. Oppositions stopped publishing in 1984, or at least that's what I found out when I just went to the hidden bookshelf in my back bedroom closet. You know, I can remember asking a friend of a friend in the early 1990s if Metropolis Books was still there, and the answer was, "No. It's now an Indian antiques shop."

So, do you think you will ever actually see my 1985 bookshelf, which is also my first built work?

Feb 13, 06 3:33 pm

Snowi, I've have no problem, but your comments were odd. Here they are:

"I like some comments by diabase, I don't like diabase (again that's nothing personal I never met the man) . And because I don't know his name, will never quote him in any paper."

It is, in the words oif Karl Pilkington, a bit weird. Its like saying, I like some of the food of a particular chef, but I dont like the chef, even though I aint never met the chef.

Anyways, no hard feelings.

ps: anyone can get my name from my bio, but being in NZ, it has little meaning/relevance to most people on this site.

Feb 13, 06 4:59 pm

it is a real problem here but it has it's own dynamics.

the trick is not to say something really strong about the others even though you don't agree with them. just state it and move on. a tease could be ok. and sometimes you make friends with people you originally had an shotgun exchange. like i had with jeffe. the guy is really a gem around here and he is generous with his experience in the field. we kind of moved on and now we get along and share our sense of humor. like, "have great time jeffes, you guys deserve back rub."
even if you say something offensive come back and discuss why.

well quondam, do you still have the bookshelf? if you do. sure why not, if i go to philly, i'll call you for a coffee. what about a picture of it right here?

i think snowi and diabase are made up now.

Feb 13, 06 5:48 pm

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