Name that Architect and Building!!!


Martha’s Vineyard House - ARO.

i don't get bauwelt now but i used to. it gets expensive over here

Sep 6, 07 6:52 pm

sdr, i don't get how that project is more appropriate than ever... care to explain?

Sep 6, 07 7:04 pm

Sep 6, 07 7:07 pm

I know this one too - but i cheated.

Sep 6, 07 7:16 pm

this is the best thread ever.

i don't know what any of these are, but it's fun just seeing all the cool stuff that's out there., that last one you posted is just beautiful!

Sep 6, 07 8:08 pm

i don't know who's done the last one either, but it just seems it is done right.

Sep 6, 07 8:27 pm

this is an educational thread Cris, I know I'm learning alot, particularly about what people like.

Sep 6, 07 9:05 pm

that house IS beautiful. reminds me of caruso st john's brick house - a lot of the same sensitivity to materials and an efficiency in the use of a just a few well-chosen but bold moves - but in the wrong part of the world from the looks of it.

Sep 6, 07 9:09 pm

cris- yes it is.

i think the firm may have cheated, though. one of the partners has the same last name as a startchitect. don't know if they are related, but it is uncanny.

Sep 6, 07 10:39 pm

And Steven - in the winter, it is a very different place I imagine... thick masonry walls would come in handy.

Sep 6, 07 10:44 pm

nah, it has a mild winter compared to what lies around it

Sep 6, 07 10:53 pm

Right. I've never been to that part of the welt.

Sep 6, 07 11:16 pm

I always wondered how that house weathered on Martha's Vinyard.
I have spent some time there and the climatic conditions can raise hell on just about any exterior surface that is so exacting? I wish I could walk up to this house and have a close look...but knowing it is Martha's Vinyard the owner....would probably be calling everyone from the police to the coast guard, cause of a curious individual is poking around his secluded estate. There was a day when I might of had an invite, but that day is gone...with the first wife.

Sep 6, 07 11:45 pm

holz, your clue helped. the stone house is by Markus Wespi Jerome de Meuron Architects in Switzerland, and yes Jerome de Meuron is a cousin of Pierre de Meuron.

gee now ive gotta think of another to post...hmmmm

Sep 7, 07 4:46 am

now...before your post your answer...the office is not german

Sep 7, 07 8:49 am

but... but... it looks so much like something sauerbruch hutton would do.....ok.

[i'm enjoying this thread a lot, and learning a lot, but i would really really like to name a building already... some buildings i knew, but had been guessed already by the time i found the thread. hmpf.]

Sep 7, 07 10:14 am

yeah, that's extremely derivative of the firehouse, only s+h wouldn't have a base like that. yeck.

Sep 7, 07 11:40 am

Yeah,, the ARO house is just an interesting variation on generic lapped siding -- but I couldn't help including it. The (mostly European ?) examples are really original, to my mind, in using wood as a permeable screen, for instance. . .

There's a wonderful house that has a continuous "louvered" exterior, with the boards variously angled from "closed" to "open" as they go up -- or is it down ?

Sep 7, 07 12:38 pm

it's up, there are a few examples.

baumschlager + eberle's kern haus is a good one.

michael alder also has a few nice ones

Sep 7, 07 12:46 pm

Thanks. Of course, no one should think that some of these won't weather into a rather different condition; periodic replacement of the weathering material might be preferable to the inevitable repair: painting (!). Trex, anybody ? But I love them. . .

Thread hijack -- my bad.

Sep 7, 07 12:58 pm

check out the weathering that's occurred on the school for wood technology posted above:

tough to really see from the picture but you can see the way the sun bleaches the beams. i wish i had another picture of it but there's some large unobstructed walls that have that angle going all the way down them, nice effect.

Sep 7, 07 1:15 pm

<end hijack>

Sep 7, 07 1:16 pm

ok, the firm that did the SH look alike also did this...more clues needed.

its a dutch office - well known here, but internationally not so much yet.

Sep 7, 07 1:54 pm

It's Arons & Gelauff's kennel in Amsterdam - home to 180 dogs and 480 cats.

Sep 7, 07 1:57 pm

a-f, i kinda figured in the end only a dutchie would get it, but nice to expose those guys a bit.

arons en gelauff

Sep 7, 07 1:59 pm

this is an interesting one by them

Sep 7, 07 2:02 pm

My turn, what's this:

Sep 7, 07 2:05 pm
liberty bell

SDR, that ARO continuous wood siding is one of my favorite details I've seen in recent years. Love it.

There are so many beautiful buildings out in the world!!!! This thread makes me feel very optimistic.

Sep 7, 07 2:09 pm

agreed LB, when you see all this stuff it makes you realise that great architecture is possible. not easy - but possible.

i've got no idea about your post a-f.

Sep 7, 07 2:13 pm

Ok, no guesses at all? The architect was collaborating with two more famous contemporaries on this project:

Sep 8, 07 3:02 am

oh, that makes it whole lot easier!
UNESCO, Paris. Marcel Breuer with Pier Luigi Nervi and Bernard Zehrfuss.

and funnily enough your orginal post with the stairs made me think of ando's concrete cylinder on the same site - but i dont think that is how it is accessed from below?

Sep 8, 07 3:44 am

oops, but you are not saying the staircase is part of unesco. so its a breuer - just a case of which one.

Sep 8, 07 3:46 am

hehe, goede morgen p2an... no it's not unesco! it's not a breuer either... here's a lousy exterior shot:

Sep 8, 07 4:15 am

so by the process of elimantion, we will get there. i'm guessing Pier Luigi Nervi - because of that roof structure but i havent the time now to search out which one...

Sep 8, 07 5:03 am
dierxap it Lautner, although I don't remember that staircase. Definatly in the realm of his work....the outside shot looks like the Malibu house

Sep 8, 07 11:47 am

nooo... not Lautner!

Sep 8, 07 11:52 am

Bernard Zehrfuss - Musee de la Civilisation Gallo-Romaine - Lyon France

Sep 9, 07 6:12 pm

nataizi choose an image

Sep 9, 07 6:49 pm

This is probably going to be too easy


Sep 9, 07 7:32 pm

Especially when I don't know how to post an image!

Sep 9, 07 7:33 pm
Sep 9, 07 7:35 pm

otto wagner, wagner villa at hutteldorf

Sep 9, 07 7:48 pm

actually that was too easy, i just noticed the link that gave it away. i think i should renounce my place... nataizi, you're supposed to disguise the link!

Sep 9, 07 7:53 pm

Nataizi's link was missing a slash, so it appeared instead of the photo. I posted a corrected version.

Sep 9, 07 9:32 pm

ok, still i feel i cheated [although i didn't see the broken link until after posting]. but for continuity, i'll post images:

Sep 9, 07 11:28 pm

Mathematics Facility in Santiago....

Alejandro Aravena

Sep 10, 07 8:53 am

At the Universidad Catolica de Chile...he was at the GSD a couple of years ago..has some very nice work

Sep 10, 07 8:54 am

cool dierxap, was curious about how well known he is. your turn!

Sep 10, 07 9:41 am

may be easy considering the amout of press over the last year..

but here goes..

Sep 10, 07 1:25 pm

Paulo Mendes da Rocha, Museu Brasileiro da Escultura (Brazilian Museum of Sculpture in Sao Paulo)

Sep 10, 07 1:32 pm

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