Name that Architect and Building!!!


Feuerwehr- und Bergrettungshaus Mellau

Mellau was right!

Aug 28, 07 5:12 pm

nice choice. I love their work, I don't know why I thought Cukrowicz-Nachbaur first, but they definitely employ a similar aesthetic

mietner you can have the next one

Aug 28, 07 5:27 pm

<img src="" width="500" height="331">

<img src="" width="500" height="330">

Hope this works, my preview doesn't.

Aug 28, 07 5:39 pm

<img src="" width="500" height="331">

<img src="" width="500" height="330">

If this doesn't work I'll have to pass.

Aug 28, 07 5:44 pm

I can't figure it out - phuyaka, its back to you.

Aug 28, 07 5:46 pm

Lederer Ragnarsdottir Oei
school in ostfildern

Aug 28, 07 5:47 pm

but i'll yield to phuyka

Aug 28, 07 5:47 pm

nah i've already posted a few. and mleitner, the format is {img}http://image-url.jpg{/img} with [ ] replacing { }

Aug 28, 07 5:50 pm

Thanks for posting it.

I was about to exclude you from guessing this one,
but then again maybe it was too obvious anyway!

Aug 28, 07 5:52 pm

i know lederer's work rather well.

Aug 28, 07 5:59 pm

I think I just wet my pants. I have this fancy for water spouts and well ladies & gentlmen, that is down right sexy right there. Thanks for posting it. Made my evening.

Aug 28, 07 6:00 pm

Takaharu and Yui Tezuka, kindergarten in Tachikawa

Aug 28, 07 6:10 pm


Aug 28, 07 6:11 pm

can you tell work is slow today? this is my last one for awhile i need to lay off this thing before i get fired.
interior project:

Aug 28, 07 6:25 pm

eustis chapel, new orleans

Aug 28, 07 6:37 pm

damnit holz. i didn't think anyone would get that for awhile.

I used to work in the wood shop that fabricated that, pretty impressive millwork

Aug 28, 07 6:40 pm

back to work...

Aug 28, 07 7:00 pm

i went to school with byron mouton, one of the designers of the eustis chapel. smart guy.

Aug 28, 07 7:22 pm
dia - Bevk Perovic, House SB

Aug 28, 07 8:17 pm

can anyone jump in with a building?

Aug 28, 07 8:26 pm

damn, i gotta dig deeper...

Aug 28, 07 8:27 pm

post some mongolian architecture

Aug 28, 07 8:29 pm

How about this one...

It's pretty obscure but it does hold a record to its name.

Aug 28, 07 8:51 pm
simples got me...looking at the residential buildings to the right, it feels british to me, but that's all i got...

Aug 29, 07 1:39 pm

i feel like the uncool kid who's not aware of all the cool music his friends are listening to.

so far i've only been able to guess one!

Aug 29, 07 2:31 pm

Good deduction skills simples. ;)

I'll make it a bit easier though... it's in Scotland.

Aug 29, 07 3:29 pm

Appleton Tower - University of Edinburgh building by Alan Reiach, Eric Hall & Partners. One of Britain's ugliest buildings - now demolished?

Aug 29, 07 5:50 pm

Here's one from me:

Aug 29, 07 5:55 pm

is it one of the entries for expanding the prado?

Aug 29, 07 6:36 pm

ok..looks like a no

Aug 29, 07 6:39 pm

clue: this model represents the actual building that was built. Think my old home town...

Aug 29, 07 7:15 pm

diabase: it isn't actually demolished. Unfortunately it's the country's longest standing temporary building.

Good ID. Did you internet-investigate or have you seen it?

Aug 29, 07 7:23 pm

investigate. Scotland, plus a building like that would only have a record for being ugly... elementary my dear olden.

Aug 29, 07 7:29 pm

Is yours the Melbourne Museum, Australia by Denton, Corker, Marshall?

Aug 29, 07 10:25 pm


Aug 29, 07 10:35 pm

whose next?

Aug 29, 07 10:44 pm
Aug 29, 07 10:53 pm

Is that the Boa Nova Tea House, (somewhere in) Portugal by Alvaro Siza?

Aug 29, 07 11:12 pm

i didn't think the Appleton tower in Scotland is ugly...(there is beauty in honesty)...although i am surprised to hear it is "temporary"...funny, permanent buildings nowadays look far more "temporary" than that! is the boa nova tea house...very early siza...

Aug 30, 07 10:22 am

good job old virginia - next!

Aug 30, 07 6:29 pm
Aug 30, 07 8:08 pm

newman house by cassandra complex. melbourne

Aug 31, 07 2:35 am

Aug 31, 07 3:37 am

p2an... is that MVRDV's waterwijk ypenburg???

Aug 31, 07 8:53 am

i was gonna guess edward larrabee barnes.

Aug 31, 07 8:57 am

bang on Steven, i was trying to trick ppl into thinking it was mvrdv.

Aug 31, 07 8:59 am

yeah... the waterwijk project uses a bunch of different materials so i wasn't sure... i thought maybe is was just a photo of that project that i hadn't seen...

which barnes project is it? it's not haystack is it?

Aug 31, 07 9:08 am

heckscher house 1971 Maine

Aug 31, 07 9:08 am

nice. i thought maybe it was hugh newell jacobsen, although a bit whimsical. ELB is the man.

this thread rocks.

Aug 31, 07 9:40 am

so i get to post somethin'? give me a few.

Aug 31, 07 9:41 am

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