Name that Architect and Building!!!


nice job simples!

Aug 27, 07 2:02 pm

techno..great find! it's tough to post an image of brasilia and not have people recognize it...i almost didn't either...

Aug 27, 07 2:14 pm
won and done williams

all right enough backslapping, let's get another one up;)

Aug 27, 07 2:17 pm

phuyaka ...that is just like a building out on the harbor in Copenhagen. I believe it was probably 3x Nielson maybe? or...Schmidt Hammer Larson? (The first one you posted)

Just saw this at a show I went to last week...had to do some research to find out who did it...I was suprised actually. Really cool is an interior renovation so may be tough for people to know about.

ps...had to paste together images off their website since it is a flash site.......aaaaarg.

Hint...if you didn't already is in Providence.

By risd_design at 2007-08-27

Aug 27, 07 2:25 pm

the "preview" button doesn't seem to be working..but this one should be easy:

Aug 27, 07 2:53 pm

norman foster, metropolitan, in poland

Aug 27, 07 3:03 pm
Chase Dammtor
Aug 27, 07 3:34 pm

this one should be pretty easy too:

Aug 27, 07 3:35 pm

oh and chase thats the ig farben building by poelzig

Aug 27, 07 3:46 pm

gigon + guyer, Kalkriese Museum

Aug 27, 07 3:55 pm


Aug 27, 07 3:58 pm

RISD...knew i'd seen that first i thought it TWBT,
but it's Brian Healy again.

Grant Hall renovation at Brown...It's just finished or just being

Aug 27, 07 4:42 pm
larslarson're still on the clock.

Aug 27, 07 4:42 pm

ok I won't be able to post an image for another couple of hours, I don't have all of my obscure architecture images on this computer and I want to stump supernal again. If you guys get restless I can surrender my posting rights till another time.

and lars... there's very little published about Henke + Schreieck, I was lucky enough to meet them when I was in Vienna when that K47 building was being finished and they gave us a tour, superb craft and amazing detailing.

Aug 27, 07 4:47 pm

Good Call Lars...yes..that is it. I was actually suprised that it was them. Providence is looking better with the addition of officeDA library and then this renovation at Grant Hall.

Aug 27, 07 5:01 pm

How about this?

By risd_design

Aug 27, 07 5:10 pm

mvrdv - Gemini Housing - Copenhagen

Aug 27, 07 5:15 pm

yes..nice work phuyaka. We snuck in there and took these photos...I didn't know it was that recognizable.

Aug 27, 07 5:33 pm

How'd you get in? I've seen it published a few times, the interior is definitely distinct. give me an hour or so and I'll post another building

Aug 27, 07 6:29 pm

ok here goes, might be a little too easy:

Aug 27, 07 7:55 pm

snozzi - casa kalmann

Aug 27, 07 8:16 pm

yep. that was quick. you're up holz

Aug 27, 07 9:03 pm

spent an hour trying to find it only to get yelled at...

this one might be a little bit tougher

Aug 27, 07 9:13 pm

simples got it!!

Aug 27, 07 10:15 pm

my guess would be camp baeza or maybe macio kogan, but that's WAY sexy

Aug 27, 07 10:20 pm

Aha! Finally! I think I came across this one in a Kunsthaus catalogue once.

I do believe that's the Probelokal Batschuns (Practise room), Zwischenwasser by marte.marte. Beautiful building by the looks of it. Ages nicely.

Aug 28, 07 12:35 am

...that should read: Probelokal (Practise room) - Batschuns, Zwischenwasser

Aug 28, 07 12:38 am


damn, i thought that would take forever. congrats.

Aug 28, 07 12:58 am

you have a building for us oldenvirginia?

Aug 28, 07 12:53 pm

yep... just working on it...

Aug 28, 07 1:09 pm
oldenvirginia it's my first, it's not too difficult.

Aug 28, 07 1:52 pm

I guess it helps if the image fits in the column...

Aug 28, 07 1:56 pm

Yasuhiro Ishimoto, Katsura

Aug 28, 07 2:09 pm

make that...
Kobori Enshu, Katsura, Kyoto, c. 1620

Aug 28, 07 2:11 pm
liberty bell

Oops, I thought that was the one in Philly.

just kidding, supernal!

Aug 28, 07 2:14 pm

wow...this is very impressive...i guess archinect can also be a great resource for identifying unknown buildings...

Aug 28, 07 2:28 pm
Aug 28, 07 2:50 pm

hint - Architect was more known for bigger works, but I enjoy his local roots

Aug 28, 07 2:51 pm

me thinks it's cass gilbert.

Aug 28, 07 2:53 pm

yup, Virgina street church by St. Paul native Cass Gilbert.

Aug 28, 07 3:02 pm

ok... 2 images to help on this:

Aug 28, 07 3:43 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Thats gorgeous, though I could do with out the bench.

Aug 28, 07 3:47 pm

yeah, the firm does incredible work.

if i recall, the bench is for smokers.

Aug 28, 07 4:01 pm

is it Cukrowicz Nachbaur's fireshouse in Mellau?

Aug 28, 07 4:11 pm

or in Hittisau, rather

Aug 28, 07 4:13 pm

no, but an interesting guess.
that one is oriented differently:

but similar language

Aug 28, 07 4:26 pm

Is it located in Vorarlberg?

Aug 28, 07 4:53 pm

yes, in the bregenzerwald

Aug 28, 07 5:03 pm

ah! it's dietrich-untertrifaller

Aug 28, 07 5:07 pm


Aug 28, 07 5:09 pm

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