Name that Architect and Building!!!

Aug 31, 07 10:47 am

Valleaceron Chapel, Spain, by Sancho-Madridejos


(catalogue on the shelf at home)

Aug 31, 07 10:58 am

Valleaceron Chapel by Sancho-Madridejos

Aug 31, 07 10:58 am

wow... check the times...not bad AP

Aug 31, 07 11:02 am

i was afraid that was too easy...

Aug 31, 07 11:04 am
Aug 31, 07 11:12 am

i think p2an might get this one rather quickly...

steven, i'm fond of that catalogue, so i knew what i was looking at right away.

Aug 31, 07 11:13 am

Siedlung Fredensborg, Jorn Utzon

Aug 31, 07 11:13 am

you guys are a bit scary with the sychronized postings..

Aug 31, 07 12:05 pm

ok heres one that might be tricky, its a great modernist building though

Aug 31, 07 12:16 pm

great AP... that's also where i spotted it from. is the catalogue worth buying?

Aug 31, 07 12:17 pm

oldenvirginia, i think so (obviously ;-)...i think i paid $25-30 for it.

Aug 31, 07 12:21 pm

hm. i would have guessed baumschlager eberle if it weren't for the palm tree.

Aug 31, 07 1:23 pm

heres a hint that will cancel out 95 % of the offices you know.
it is in australia.

Aug 31, 07 1:31 pm

Council House of Perth, Western Australia. It was designed by Howlett and Bailey Architects

the hint gave it away...

Aug 31, 07 2:34 pm
Aug 31, 07 2:38 pm

ok i don't know how to resize it...

Aug 31, 07 2:39 pm

after the image location, one space, then "width=400" then close the code.

Aug 31, 07 2:52 pm

thanks AP. i'm hoping i stump you guys for a while...i only know
about this building because i have a book on it.

Aug 31, 07 3:00 pm

and no fair trying to cheat by looking at the image location link...

Aug 31, 07 3:02 pm

gion a. caminada

Aug 31, 07 3:03 pm

Gion A. Caminada - "Totenstube" in Vrin

Aug 31, 07 3:08 pm

ah well.

Aug 31, 07 3:11 pm

its on the cover of that "Swiss Made" book that's on my desk next to me, but Holz beat me to it

Aug 31, 07 3:13 pm

the interiors are the best part...

Aug 31, 07 3:15 pm

his schools is phenomenal as well.


Aug 31, 07 3:21 pm

ok... a hint, it's in switerland

Aug 31, 07 4:56 pm

I know that building, but for the life of me the architects aren't ringing a bell. I'd guess HdM but I couldn't tell you where or what!

Aug 31, 07 6:11 pm

i visited the damn thing but i can't remember who did it, but it isnt HdeM

Aug 31, 07 6:17 pm

yeah, it's an interesting little pavilion around the corner from this:

Aug 31, 07 6:36 pm

andreas fuhrimann gabrielle hächler

did that kiosk next to Zürichsee.
really nice place, great toilets.

Sep 1, 07 1:58 am

wow, congrats. that took a lot longer than i expected.

definitely a neat little find while walking along the see towards the heidi weber pavilion.

Sep 1, 07 2:14 am
Sep 1, 07 2:39 am

are ppl finding this one a bit tricky? its a great building, although it hasnt received alot of press.

Sep 3, 07 6:58 am

Thought I would toss this one in for effect....hope you don't mind:

Sep 3, 07 2:29 pm

i'm clueless p2an. the brick building appears to be dutch/northern european...sorry, that's all i've got.

Sep 3, 07 8:24 pm

i thought it was maybe canadian, but yeah, i'm stumped. any hints?

Sep 3, 07 8:51 pm

it looks kine of like the pbs building in boston by polshek..but only because
of the huge cantilevered truss like structure

Sep 3, 07 8:59 pm

its in rotterdam, or rather OVER rotterdam

Sep 4, 07 2:36 am

Unilever Building (de brug?)...JHK Architecten are right, it hasn't received a lot of press...seems very interesting though...

Sep 4, 07 1:08 pm

my previous challenge was way too easy...this one might be easy as well, but...

Sep 4, 07 1:20 pm
liberty bell

Wow, I love that little lit-cube water table!

You guys are awesome, I can't identify ANY of these but I'm learning so much by watching!

Sep 4, 07 1:25 pm

simples -
Claudio Silvestrin, Armani in Sao Paulo. the security guys in the $8,000 suits in the first picture gave it away

Sep 4, 07 1:35 pm

i just discovered this thread and i'm in love with it.

Sep 4, 07 2:12 pm

OK going to try and reach further into obscurity with this recent renovation/addition:

Sep 4, 07 2:28 pm
liberty bell

I'm gonna throw Rick Mather out there, totally un-investigated, because I had forgotten about his work until I saw it in the news recently and it sorta reminds me of him (and looks British).

Sep 4, 07 2:34 pm

good guess, but not quite notable as rick. the building and the firm are european, but a little south-east of the uk.

Sep 4, 07 2:52 pm

it's pretty nice phuyaka...i just wish the cortenz sort of took over
the back facade a bit..but it's nice nonetheless.

Sep 4, 07 3:52 pm

dammit. i saw this published somewhere but can't pull it out of the memory banks.

Sep 4, 07 3:57 pm

snooker, it looks very northern cali, possibly san francisco and i see some william wurster in it. but might be a student of wurster.

Sep 4, 07 4:07 pm

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