Montroy DeMarco Architecture LLP (MDA)

Montroy DeMarco Architecture LLP (MDA)

New York, NY



Introducing Swivel, a new ‘spin’ on the workspace. MDALLP and its interior design affiliate, MADGI are the Designer and Architect behind this exciting new flexible office environment at 2 Gansevoort for the William Kaufman Organization. WKO branded this office space ‘Swivel’ as a subtle reminder of the versatility engrained in the design of the space. Flanking a center shared lounge and pantry, the tenant suites each feature a moveable wall within the built rooms, allowing the tenant to easily swivel a larger conference or meeting room, into smaller more private offices or vice versa. This feature allows each company to continuously swivel its wall and reconfigure its space to meet its changing needs. The typical office suite amenities such as pantries, lounges and meeting rooms have been relocated and consolidated, offering more usable space because of the communal, centralized areas. By sharing amenities firms maximize their private work space and increase efficiency. The suites range in size from 3,604 RSF to 5,677 RSF.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
Firm Role: Architect and Designer
Additional Credits: William Kaufman Organization