Montroy DeMarco Architecture LLP (MDA)

Montroy DeMarco Architecture LLP (MDA)

New York, NY



Firmenich, an international producer of perfumery and flavor chemicals in business for over 115 years, was interested in a design that would highlight the firm’s history, values and innovative production process.  Firmenich decided to renovate their existing two floors on Madison Avenue in Manhattan’s Plaza District. The Montroy Andersen DeMarco team was tasked with renovating around Firmenich’s existing operations while relocating the firm’s flavor and fragrance laboratory to the upper of the two floors.

The project combines the warm residential elements such as wood flooring, elegant LED lighting, and custom millwork with the innovative and cutting-edge design for the lab and marketing departments. The custom reception desk features tiles with a Japanese petal motif and the use of double glazed glass walls allows for enhanced acoustic privacy.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
Firm Role: Interior Architectural Design