Montroy DeMarco Architecture LLP (MDA)

Montroy DeMarco Architecture LLP (MDA)

New York, NY


560 West 24th Street

Montroy Andersen DeMarco served as Executive Architect for this 8-unit luxury condominium located in Manhattan's West Chelsea nestled between the High Line Park and Hudson River Park. Working with Designer Steven Harris Architects, the 11-story boutique structure features a round floor art gallery and full floor units, (6) 3,200 SF four bedroom residences and (2) grand duplex penthouses.

The building features extensive flood prevention solution.  The building was under development when Super Storm Sandy struck and the design incorporates a water tight bathtub foundation, fastlogs: a stackable flood barrier for the street wall, submarine doors: protecting mechanical and electrical systems and a back-up rooftop generator.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
Firm Role: Executive Architect
Additional Credits: Steven Harris Architects LLP