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  • Advanced Architecture Institute of Catalunya - Mariano's view
    By MADianito: Tales and Adventures of my time at the IaaC when this was in it's early years. Feel free to contact me for more reference, in any case i would advice you to enroll here.
    IaaC - The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
    Advanced Architecture Institute of Catalunya
  • Yale School of Architecture (A&A)
  • Plate Life - Architecture/Urbanism/Discourse at Cornell's AAP
    By Jeffrey Dunn: This blog will document areas of discourse and architecture/urban achievements occurring in the master's program at Cornell's AAP in Ithaca, NY. While it will feature many students' work, I would like for it to maintain a discursive focus, illucidating the theoretical objectives of the work occuring here.
    Cornell University
    Plate Life
  • Kent State University [Justin]
    By Justin DeCarlucci: Collection of photos, thoughts, updates and other relevant information compiled during my last few semesters at Kent State University.
    Kent State University
    Kent State University [Justin]
  • North Carolina State University (Nikhil)
  • The Building of Thought
    By gabsvillalobos:
    The Building of Thought
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  • PHD @ Georgia Tech - Forum for current and graduated Phd students
    By ornouveo: This forum is dedicated, but not limited to the Phd students that are currently enrolled at Georgia Tech. Our main intention is to create a collaborative medium for exchanging ideas that will contribute to our own personal development and the school's reputation respectively.
    Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
    PHD @ Georgia Tech
  • UM Taubman College - University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning
    By lauren bebry: I'm a third year M. Arch student at Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan. Snapshots to follow on the school, program, student work, culture, lecture series, weather, food, and all things related.
    University of Michigan
    UM Taubman College

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