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Oct '11 - Feb '12

  • Solar Decathlon 2013

    By Ben.Silverman
    Feb 5, '12 11:22 AM EST

    Stevens and the Product Architecture Lab were selected for the Solar Decathlon 2013 competition. This is very exciting. We participated in the last competition in a collaboration with Parsons and successfully built the most affordable and market ready building in the competition. We look to build on that experience and be not only the most affordable, but also the most energy efficient in 2013. 

    The project will be a collaboration between the Stevens Institute of Technology undergraduate engineers and the graduate students in the Product Architecture Lab. For anyone interested, this would be an awesome time to get started at the Product Architecture Lab and see the design from its infancy through design, analysis and fabrication.

    Check out a little evening news segment on Stevens and PAE being selected for the Solar Decathlon.

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  • Gerilla: Grasshopper to EnergyPlus

    By Ben.Silverman
    Jan 27, '12 9:31 AM EST

    I have never been much a fan of programming. Even though I have always enjoyed math and logic courses, programming never clicked for me. Part of it might have been the ‘grammar’ of a programming language that I did not care to learn (I hated English grammar courses, why would I enjoy... View full entry

  • Interoperabilities: Grasshopper to EnergyPlus

    By Ben.Silverman
    Nov 12, '11 10:34 AM EST

    I've previously mentioned the interoperability course at PAE in brief, but it deserves a lot more attention. Its a pretty awesome course taught by Jonatan Schumacher and Ben Howes (both PAE alum) that introduces object oriented programming and interoperability via VB.NET. When I mention VB.NET to... View full entry

  • Infiltration on My Mind

    By Ben.Silverman
    Oct 30, '11 1:45 PM EST

    Air infiltration is a fairly new concept to me. We never discussed the consequences of a building enclosure's air tightness in my undergraduate architecture studios. When I worked as a facade consultant, each facade came with a thick set of specifications that dictated the maximum allowable air... View full entry

  • PAE Design/Build!

    By Ben.Silverman
    Oct 28, '11 5:51 PM EST

    Sorry for the delay in posting. PAE is getting involved in a very exciting Design/Build project at an educational camp in the Northeast and its been a busy couple of weeks. Last weekend we had a PAE retreat to the site to better get to know the camp and do some good ol' bonding. In addition to a... View full entry

  • My New Best Friend

    By Ben.Silverman
    Oct 10, '11 6:54 PM EST

    I've never been much of a reader of manuals. I prefer to tear open packaging, toss the manual to the side to never be seen again, and learn by doing (aka flailing hopelessly till my new toy works, breaks or I become bored). Typically an IKEA instruction booklet (the picture book of manuals) is... View full entry

  • Hey There World

    By Ben.Silverman
    Oct 7, '11 7:51 PM EST

    My name is Ben Born and raised in Brooklyn  ''actually I was born in Evanston, Illinois but made my way to brooklyn by my first birthday, don't tell anyone that Entered the University of Pennsylvania on a Mechanical Engineering track in 2004 Graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with... View full entry

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