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  • Building Project - The Aftermath

    By ysoa2014
    Apr 26, '12 10:07 AM EST

    We have now passed the final design review, and a decision has been made about which house will be built in New Haven.  As we quickly attempt to go from eight teams of seven (or so) to one team of 54, the design chosen will go through a series of transformations.  Hopefully this weekend one of us will have a chance to provide more information about the designs and the winning scheme - look for that in the coming days.


    For now, we have partially put up our website designed by our classmate Bryan Maddock, who has done a fantastic job.  Content will continue to populate the site as we move into construction this summer.  If you are interested in seeing some more casual shots of us at work (and play), please check out and follow us on Tumblr.  Have a great Thursday!

    Our site:



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  • 7 on 6: Beyond Architecture

    By ysoa2014
    Apr 14, '12 10:19 AM EST

    Near the halfway point of our first year in the M. Arch program at the Yale School of Architecture, something became really apparent: even though we spent 20 hours a day together there were still so many things that we just didn't know about one another, the things that don't come up in studio or... View full entry

  • Archinect - We Haven't Forgotten

    By ysoa2014
    Apr 11, '12 11:01 PM EST

    The last month has been a pressure cooker at Yale : the second part of spring semester is spent on the Building Project - an intensive design charette in which teams of seven conceive, design, and detail a multi-family home for the city of New Haven in four weeks.  Next Thursday, one of... View full entry

  • Desk Interview #1--Evan

    By ysoa2014
    Feb 18, '12 12:55 PM EST

    Here at the YSOA our desks become quite cluttered as piles of models and drawings accumulate with each project. As a means to introduce our class and to document our own work, or detritus, we are presenting a set of interviews that both showcase the messiness of graduate school production and... View full entry

  • A brief (statistical) introduction

    By ysoa2014
    Feb 6, '12 8:31 AM EST

    As a blog written by 55 different people can seem anonymous, we thought we could at least provide some more information (statistically speaking) about the composition of our current M.Arch I class.  Below you'll see some numbers (put together on that approximates the composition... View full entry

  • Is Drawing Dead? - Upcoming Symposium

    By ysoa2014
    Feb 4, '12 11:51 AM EST

    We thought we should make a quick plug to anyone who is free Thursday - Saturday, February 9-11.  Yale is holding a symposium on the crisis of drawing and its place in architecture.  Part of the draw for us is the poster, designed by Pentagram.  From their website... View full entry

  • 1/2 way there

    By ysoa2014
    Jan 25, '12 9:59 AM EST

    Our Sunday night/Monday morning model deadline has come and gone and the first half of reviews took place Monday afternoon, the second half to occur Thursday. While models were inventoried Sunday night the lack of a lock on the door might have encouraged a bit of extra work for some. The snow... View full entry

  • Deadline: 1 hour

    By ysoa2014
    Jan 22, '12 11:29 PM EST

    Models are being finished as we approach the midnight deadline for our first project of the semester.  Everyone operates differently under the stress of a deadline; some become silent with concentration while others walk around studio giving impromptu desk-crits. The images... View full entry

  • Deadline: 10.5 hours

    By ysoa2014
    Jan 22, '12 1:23 PM EST

    Here in Paul Rudolph Hall the 2014 class is not only buried under the recent snow but the increasingly nearing deadline for this semester's first review's models. Our current studio project investigates the cohabitation of a limited volume (16'x16'x14') by two people, including a set of... View full entry

  • Hello Archinect

    By ysoa2014
    Jan 21, '12 2:26 PM EST

    It's the weekend before our first review of the second semester here at YSOA and rather than meeting the impending 12am Sunday deadline for models, a few of us have decided to share documents of life inside Paul Rudolph Hall. Over the course of the next three years our entire class (2014) will... View full entry

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