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Sep '11 - Mar '12

  • I'm excited about these photos

    Jacob Kenney
    Mar 2, '12 8:48 PM EST

    Here are some photos of our Villa Stein model.  I'm really excited about them.




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    le corbusier

  • drawing update

    Jacob Kenney
    Mar 1, '12 2:47 AM EST

    Here's my last two drawing projects.  They are both buildings on Penn's campus that we studied and drew/rendered.     View full entry

  • Finally an update on studio 1b!

    Jacob Kenney
    Mar 1, '12 1:44 AM EST

    1:30AM and no work to do.  Free time!  I'm gonna catch up on everything really quickly. First project of the quarter was an exercise in creating specific spacial conditions, namely threshold, enclosure, vantage, movement, stasis, relationships and memory.  Although we had to use... View full entry

  • Well this got swept under the carpet....

    Jacob Kenney
    Feb 21, '12 6:28 PM EST

    I'm going to update with as much as I can as soon as I can... quite a bit has happened in the last however long it has been. View full entry

  • Whoops

    Jacob Kenney
    Dec 16, '11 2:57 PM EST

    I meant to put a little wrap up post on here as soon as the term ended, but I've been asleep since then.   Anyway... the first term of architecture school.... it had many ups and many downs, but even the downs turned out being awesome.  Regardless of being in studio almost 18 hours a... View full entry

  • What to do, what to do.

    By Erik Mangano
    Dec 12, '11 2:09 PM EST

    So we are currently on winter break after our first term at Drexel, and I think the biggest thing to figure out is, what to do without studio work!??!?! First off, lots of sleep, been catching up for the past few days and it is by far the best thing about break so far, didn't think I could miss... View full entry

  • We Made it!

    By Erik Mangano
    Dec 9, '11 1:29 PM EST

    We have successfully lived through our first term in the Architecture 2 + 4 program at Drexel, and it definitely was not an easy feat. Many late nights filled with tedious amounts of work, but also a lot of fun along the way. The shock when we got here was overwhelming and we did not know what to... View full entry

  • What's Up?

    Jacob Gulezian
    Dec 2, '11 9:21 PM EST

    Holla! I'm Jacob, Jake was gracious enough to invite me to join him and Erik on their quest to document the triumphs and trials we're battling through here at the studio. I mean, its 9 oclock on a friday night and there are a ton of people here right now, crazy right? It must be right before... View full entry

  • Time to catch up

    By Erik Mangano
    Nov 30, '11 8:53 PM EST

    First off, my names Erik Mangano, I'm also a freshmen in the 2 + 4 Architecture program at Drexel along with Jake and Jacob. I'm going to guess Jake left off at the crits for living cubes, which were very interesting, but it was a very good first project. The final project we are preparing for... View full entry


    Jacob Kenney
    Nov 30, '11 1:45 PM EST

    Since I obviously can't fill this with content nearly enough, I have enlisted help from two studio-mates, Erik Mangano and Jacob Gulezian.  I have not a clue what they will post, but I'm sure it will be great!  Hopefully they'll fill in the one month gap that has been filled mostly with... View full entry

  • Three Weeks Later

    Jacob Kenney
    Nov 4, '11 7:42 PM EST

    Well... this blog fell apart quickly against my will.  The last three weeks have been very strenuous.  My work load has been increasing in my other non-arch classes which takes up the time I used to write here.  On top of that, I got a pretty bad concussion two weeks ago which led... View full entry

  • Busy Busy....

    Jacob Kenney
    Oct 16, '11 9:06 PM EST

    Well, I've been too busy to post for the last week and however many days.  Because of that, I have way too many photos and examples of work to put up here.  We've done a whole lot of axonometric drawing, sketching, modeling, playing, eating, etc.  On Friday our midterm project is... View full entry

  • No Sleep Till... No Sleep...

    Jacob Kenney
    Oct 6, '11 1:52 AM EST

    Alright, so it's been a while.  I have a three full assignments to go through here.  But first some personal stuff I guess.  Architecture school is time consuming.  So much more time consuming than I ever expected.  Last weekend I decided to take off Friday and Saturday... View full entry

  • "Ching is God"

    Jacob Kenney
    Sep 28, '11 4:45 PM EST

    It's the third day of week two.  I haven't gotten to sleep before 2am since classes started.  It's starting to catch up with me.  Monday, as a class we created the grading rubric for our projects.  Around 20 criteria were thought of and then similar ones were grouped together... View full entry

  • The Beginning

    Jacob Kenney
    Sep 27, '11 12:21 AM EST

    Hello, internet!  I am Jacob Kenney, a freshman in the 2+4 architecture program at Drexel University.  We started school a week ago, so I am a little behind with starting this.  I'll start off with a little rundown of what has been happening in the last week.   The first day... View full entry

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