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Nov '10 - May '11

  • It's Almost Here...

    May 19, '11 9:32 AM EST

    Exit Reviews are starting tomorrow and we all can't believe they're here. They've felt so far away for so long. I'm probably about 98% done with my talk, I go Tuesday at 4:30 so I have time to polish it up. It's been a pretty great process and nice to take some time to really think about what I care about and what I really want to do once I am deemed to be a "Master of Architecture." My talk is entitled "Desiring Utopia: a micro-critique of futures past" and once I'm all done I'm happy to post more about it if anyone is interested. Below is the poster, you can also see it here, that has all the times and talk titles so if anyone is around Columbus during these times you should come check them out, everyone's invited!


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  • end of Winter, beginning of Spring

    May 2, '11 10:33 AM EST

    Hello again Archinect, I'm enjoying the new site! The end of Winter Quarter was, as always, filled with excitement here at the KSA. My partner and I made a fun model of our proposed looping transit system for Ohio. (I'm pretty sure I can draw the state now without looking at a map.) It's always... View full entry

  • Toshiko Day 3

    Feb 25, '11 2:53 PM EST

    Hello again everyone. Today was our last day in conversation with Toshiko and we spent the day talking about her think tank VisionArc, which is tackling global issues and considering design blind spots. It was interesting to be introduced a bit more to the research portion of her practice that... View full entry

  • Toshiko Days 1 and 2

    Feb 24, '11 11:32 PM EST

    So clearly the live blogging didn't really work out, and I apologize for that, but I think this'll give me a chance to reflect instead of hurriedly typing everything I hear. (FYI Greg has a pretty great synopsis of the work we went through, I'll be writing more generally about overarching concepts... View full entry

  • Toshiko is coming!

    Feb 22, '11 12:11 PM EST

    Hello there archinect, we have some exciting events coming up this week at the KSA. Toshiko Mori, the Baumer visiting professor for 2010-2011, will be coming for three days starting Wednesday for in depth discussions of her work with graduate students and a public lecture. I think we're all... View full entry

  • welcome back

    Jan 10, '11 10:27 AM EST

    Hello again archinect! After a wonderful winter break we've started the quarter here at the KSA. A few great things will be happening. First of all the lecture series, which has lined up some great people for both winter and spring quarters, you can check out the list on the Knowlton website. We... View full entry

  • Back to real life and sleeping

    Dec 5, '10 10:32 PM EST

    Final reviews were last week at Knowlton, hence why I've been a tad MIA since the first entry. The studio I was in with Kay Bea Jones actually had two reviews. We've been working within the Weinland Park neighborhood of Columbus, talking to residents and engaging them in design clinics and such so... View full entry

  • Hello There Archinect

    Nov 18, '10 9:49 PM EST

    As recently as 3 years ago, I knew basically nothing about architecture except that I was going to apply to graduate programs to study it. As a senior at Northwestern University, I had studied math and art for four years and had figured out that I wanted to do something else. In retrospect, it was... View full entry

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