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    Older Sibling Syndrome (and quotes!)

    By Erica
    Oct 16, '08 10:58 PM EST

    After four days of jetlagging like no other (Panjim > Delhi > Singapore > Hong Kong > Seoul > Seattle > Calgary > Toronto > Cambridge), a week of being homeless, two weeks of studio for a competition in Toronto, and then 5 days in Montreal, I am finally together (enough) to write my second post (!!!). Apologies in advance; it might get a bit squirrely.

    The new freshmen have moved into our old studio, which is also the best studio in the building. Some schools have their studios arranged into a sort of spatial hierarchy where the higher years get the better location. My school's layout is the inverse of this, where the fresh-faced high school graduates get the bright studio and the good lecture hall. I am personally okay with this, but the pill that's really hard to swallow is the fact that we are no longer the centre of attention. The faculty and profs coo and cah over the new potential as they would over a new chia pet and we are shoved to the side like last year's toys. Call it the older sibling syndrome.

    Anyway, as promised, I'll do a quick run down of the memorable quotes from last year:

    "My family thinks I've joined a cult. And I think I agree with them."

    "My God, I would hate to take a crap in that washroom."
    -studiomate, while attempting to put a washroom in a 3'*3' space under a staircase

    "Honestly, it's not as bad as it looks. After a few times, you don't even feel the cold steel against your ribs."
    -someone, on sleeping under their desk

    "What the hell is with architects and the word 'didactic'?"

    "People. Please remember to cut away from you when you are slicing through basswood. Please."
    -studio prof after a classmate had to go to the hospital for slicing off her thumb

    "I've been thinking. I would much rather be in, like, a broom closet than here. It doesn't have to be big; it can even be dark. I would much rather be standing in a dark closet and be doing and thinking nothing than be here right now."
    -deskmate, at 4 in the morning the day before deadline

    "Form Z ruined my Christmas."
    -someone, in March

    "This morning, I woke up to something, and I thought it was my exploded axo."
    -classmate, who is kind of nuts

    I think I was going to perhaps post some pictures from India right about now but, having just finished final crits today, I don't think I am in the right state of mind to do so; I am running extremely high on sleep debt and malnourishment. Which reminds me--I should clean out my fridge at home. Which also reminds me--I should buy a new lightbulb for said fridge on my way back.

    Pictures soon, I promise!


    • Yeah! India.
      I leave next Friday. Can't wait.

      Oct 17, 08 8:56 am

      What I would give to be back in India right now... Have fun! You are going to have an awesome time. And--it goes without saying, but--watch out for the rabid monkeys!

      Oct 18, 08 12:25 pm

      I can relate to the "woke up to my exploded axo" comment... in second year, we were doing an intense case study project with tons upon tons of diagrams, I stayed up all night drawing circles and arrows and fell asleep at my desk. when i woke up i had this violent flash of red and blue colored lines... it felt like the diagrams were attacking.

      Oct 20, 08 2:29 am

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