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Sep '09 - Dec '11

  • Hired - and thus ends the student era.

    By Stephanie
    Dec 6, '11 4:30 PM EST

    I can't say much except I started a job on Sunday (yep... Sunday) and have two more offers to think about over the holidays. I'm stoked! I was starting to think that I was overly optimistic for attempting to start my career in Berlin, where I don't speak the language. But things have come through super fast this past week. 

    Maybe I'll start a job blog one day. For now you can check out my work at my website below. 

    Wishing everyone the best in the future,


    Arkitekt MAA / cand.arch

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  • Architecture - Feeling Good About Doing Nothing.

    By Stephanie
    Nov 4, '11 8:47 AM EST

    I found my architecture mentor. I was sitting here this morning, contemplating yet another application, poring over the exact phrasing of my carefully composed, customized cover letters. Words that no one will read or pay attention to. [**hint** In my interviews thus far, no one... View full entry

  • Thesis Wrap

    By Stephanie
    Oct 31, '11 10:48 AM EST

    Because I didn't get around to it before, here's a summary of my final thesis semester at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (and not much else). 1. Visiting Critic Daniel Serafimovsky from the London Met was invited to do a week of workshops with the year 4's and offered a short critique for... View full entry

  • Words vs. Visuals? Not really.

    By Stephanie
    Apr 5, '11 3:19 AM EST

    I wanted to make a reply to a comment I received regarding my previous post, but apparently I went over the word limit for a comment, so I'm just posting it as a new thread here.Mantaray said:"What is an idea without the representation, illustration, communication of it?Without communicating your... View full entry

  • What they want to hear

    By Stephanie
    Mar 25, '11 4:54 AM EST

    I learned an important lesson last semester, which ended so badly. I realised that my ideas were perfectly fine, and so was my execution of the project. What wasn't fine was the presentation of these ideas. I thought, mistakenly, that my instructors (who had seen the process and progress of my... View full entry

  • Thesis Semester - Program and Mid-Crit Presentation

    By Stephanie
    Mar 18, '11 4:36 AM EST

    I haven't posted since the end of last semester, and that's because I've been focused on my thesis. From mid-January I prepared preliminary research and analysis for my thesis, and handed in a written program for approval in February. My program was approved with no changes :) So, for the past... View full entry

  • Final 'Review'.... just... Wow.

    By Stephanie
    Dec 15, '10 5:56 AM EST

    "The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - School of Architecture" What a presumptuous name for this po-dunk school! You wouldn't believe the last week. Because there was no coordination of the schedule, we had a final presentation in our construction tech class on Monday, and our final review for... View full entry

  • KA delusions!

    By Stephanie
    Dec 5, '10 4:11 AM EST

    It's hard to imagine what kind of onions you'd need as an 'instructor' here, to compare this school with Harvard GSD. It appears that they want the students to emulate the dedication and work ethic of the GSD students, without putting in anything themselves. Tell what you think this is worth... View full entry

  • Belated weekly post.

    By Stephanie
    Sep 30, '10 12:19 PM EST

    So I'm behind on posting my goal of 1 submission per week... no big deal. NEWS: My boyfriend Jed, also an architecture student at the KA (dept. 2) entered an international contest for housing/urban design hosted by COARQ and... got honorable mention! Woot woot! And there was much rejoicing. See... View full entry

  • Another week, another site model

    By Stephanie
    Sep 17, '10 10:45 AM EST

    This week we had another site model assignment. Since our plaster pour turned into a disaster... (still not dry, now some interesting shades of mould have taken over), we decided to cut the damn thing outta foam. So much for learning about casting. *sigh* Still, once you've put in a lot of effort... View full entry

  • First week of Final Year of School!

    By Stephanie
    Sep 11, '10 3:50 AM EST

    Yesterday marked the last day of my first week back to school after some nice months off to travel and relax... And I am very excited about both the project assignment and the new group of people here. Most of the people who were in my original class have left. At first I was worried about the... View full entry

  • Final Year/School Zen

    By Stephanie
    Aug 15, '10 7:03 AM EST

    2 weeks until university begins again, and it will be my last year. That's a really strange thought--I've been so used to having school in my life the last 6 years, there is so much I take for granted. I guess it's like that in any routine. I have to admit that last semester was a bit disastrous... View full entry

  • Some things you should know about Denmark...

    By Stephanie
    Jun 7, '10 4:49 AM EST

    Well we just finished our semester on Friday, and dang it feels good to be done! Summer recently deigned to touch upon Copenhagen for a few days, and those days brought out an issue which I think is necessary to discuss. Copenhagen. The greenest city on earth? So they say--or at least, so they... View full entry

  • European semesters are too long.

    By Stephanie
    Apr 7, '10 12:25 PM EST

    While everyone I know back in Canada is getting ready for final presentations and exams, we're entering 'mid-term' time here in Copenhagen. When I first applied at the KA, I was like 'yeah! longer semesters = more time to do fun school work.' What the crap was I thinking? Longer semesters actually... View full entry

  • User-Centered Design

    By Stephanie
    Jan 18, '10 1:56 PM EST

    So we started a new workshop today, and it's really exciting. It's a 2 week preparation for our new semester project, and I find the premise to be really useful. I think it will challenge me a lot. We are learning how to use particular methods to focus our designs on the needs of the user. Seems... View full entry

  • Tangram + Crazy Danes

    By Stephanie
    Jan 16, '10 6:51 AM EST

    After re-reading my previous entry, I felt like I misrepresented Copenhagen. I should be more specific: Copenhagen is a great city and it has some pretty sound environmental policies. But it is overhyped to a high degree, and that can lead to disappointment. It's also hard, when you're a student... View full entry

  • The "Hopenhagen' Myth

    By Stephanie
    Jan 11, '10 1:02 PM EST

    Prior to the winter break was of course the COP15 climate summit here, which has turned out to be disappointing in many ways... We were into our last week before final reviews when the summit began, but I tried to make time to visit some of the displays they had in the public squares. What was... View full entry

  • Urban Lighting Workshop

    By Stephanie
    Nov 23, '09 8:08 AM EST

    As part of our bridge project, we are taking a short workshop in urban lighting conditions to study the impact of designed lighting, function lighting, artificial light, private light, and special lighting. It's a pretty important subject for both night transportation and creating an urban space... View full entry

  • Midterm Reviews. Good opinion once lost...

    By Stephanie
    Oct 28, '09 4:54 PM EST

    We had our midterm review today at Department 11, for our bridge project, and I left it feeling a bit puzzled. I really enjoyed the critics who were there, and I liked how the time was managed... I was able to find myself understanding what the tutors thought about the various projects, and... View full entry

  • Danish Hygge

    By Stephanie
    Oct 7, '09 6:11 PM EST

    Last Thursday the head of our department, Karina Mose, invited the foreign students for dinner. Her house is near the Lyngby/Sorgenfri stations, on the edge of Copenhagen. Each student was to make a 'cultural' dish. Being Canadian, I had limited options (poutine would have been great, but I can't... View full entry

  • Mapping, Structure, and Rhino.

    By Stephanie
    Sep 27, '09 6:47 AM EST

    Hello from Copenhagen! I thought I would split my first post into two sections to give an idea of what things are like both inside and outside of school. 1. The City and Culture Copenhagen is a small, dense, exhilarating, EXPENSIVE place to be. (When I say small, I don't mean that it's a grassy... View full entry

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