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    Nou Mercat Barceloneta

    By David Morris
    Dec 17, '06 7:48 AM EST


    • AP

      very cool.

      did you work on this project?

      Dec 17, 06 12:50 pm
      David Morris

      no, i wish. i didn't really work on many projects while I was here "working" .

      I did a web page, a ton of photos of built and under construction works, and random 3d models / perspectives that ended up not getting used all that much.

      I can't remember the name of the firm that did this, but i'll find out and put it up here...

      Dec 17, 06 6:22 pm

      for me looks like a bad imitation of Santa Caterina... i dunno, i dont really like it, not very smart structural solution and also not very "charming" to the eye....

      the bakery in front rocks! ;)

      Dec 18, 06 3:58 am

      the firm that did this is the Josep Miàs office ... and if it looks like Santa Caterina -even the structure, see Miàs website- it's for nothing else than Miàs had been Miralles' right hand for a long time before his death

      Dec 18, 06 4:24 am
      David Morris

      oh that does explain a little bit. I saw a little bit of santa caterina in it, but it's pretty unique overall. I wish I were going to be here when it finishes up, but I'm leaving on wednesday. It ought to be done soon, though.

      Dec 18, 06 7:39 am

      it is a bit clumsy, but i still like it.

      in the end i think it will be an alright market.

      Dec 18, 06 10:07 pm

      Hi David, It look Great!!
      I was part of the architects with Josep Mias to the Nou Barceloneta Market project.
      Josep Mias was partner and leader architect in the Santa Caterina Market with Enric Miralles, probably that is the reason of one remember to the other.

      Feb 13, 08 9:23 am

      I have more picture!

      Feb 13, 08 9:27 am

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