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    Topological Mesh Modeling

    By David Morris
    Mar 2, '06 4:32 PM EST

    One of my professors created a polygonal mesh modeling program that is incredibly fascinating. I think anyone in architecture ought to check it out. .

    It's free to download, it works on Windows through cygwin, and it does some amazing things that are absolutely not possible to do with any other program. 3d studio, rhino, maya, you name it. Cannot make things like this with such ease and precision:


    This one was printed by the professor, Ergun Akleman, on our new 3d printer. We're a little late with the 3d printing technology, but at lleast we have some nice software. The program uses .obj files for anyone familiar with the format, and you start by loading a pre-made obj, like a cube or soccer ball, and go to town.

    There are a lot of options that let you subdivide faces using various algorithms, like doo-sabin (my favorite), and there are also some great functions that let you create holes and handles. I could explain more, but it's definitely worth checking out. It will open your mind to so many different concepts in 3d modeling. Here is a site with some documentation, although it's not the best documentation. It's a good start: topmod doc


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