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    HDR Photography

    By David Morris
    Feb 28, '06 11:02 AM EST

    I haven't posted in such a long time. Sorry about that. I will write more later, but I just wanted to write a little about hdr photography. Is anyone interested in HDR photography. I have been messing around with it this semester very little, and I finally managed to get a decent example to showcase what can be done with current technology. The following photo was taken at the site of the new woodshop / design-build workshop at the Riverside Campus of Texas A&M. It was shot with a digital rebel at f22 1/100.


    The next shot was done by compositing 13 different exposures of the same view with hdrshop.


    HDR shop is one of the best programs I've used to handle hdr images. Photoshop CS2 supports it, but frankly, their implementation sucks. CS3 will inevitably have to step it up a notch. But then again, HDRShop will too if it wants to compete. Adobe needs to come out with some new tonemapping algorithms if they want to stay ahead.

    For anyone interested, here is a list of links that can get you started with hdr:

    HDR 101 - a great primer on hdr photography

    HDRShop - a great tool for creating and editing hdr images.

    hdreye - another great tool and a few sample hdr images.

    does anyone have an hdr display at their school? we are supposed to get one here soon, but it's not here yet. I saw some demos at siggraph two years ago, and it was absolutely amazing...

    If only one thing about hdr gets you excited, it should be that point and shoot cameras won't have a flash in the future. I can't wait. And it's all thanks to this guy.

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