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    Working in an Architecture Firm in Barcelona

    By David Morris
    Sep 6, '06 5:23 PM EST

    I completely forgot about my archinect blog over the summer, and I never really even finished the last semester. Sorry about that. Anyways, I've been in Barcelona since May 21st, working at Roldan+Berengue arqts. (Roldán+Berengué, for spanish websites). Things have been going very well here. I have kept a blog during the summer on my own personal website at Feel free to check it out. Right now my latest project at the office is to create a database of all the office's projects/publications/awards/etc... and put it all onto a brand new web page. I started four days ago, and it should be up sometime next week in some form or fashion.

    alhambra palacio carlos V

    The old website is from three years ago and was made by some other guy who thought it was a really good idea to make an architecture studio website in flash. We all know now that it's kind of fruitless to make an architecture website in flash, so hopefully with this new database driven site, the office can stay a little more organized and orient themselves toward the future of the web. Anyways, here's the old one: I've been working over the summer on a lot of small photography assignments, and a few of them are up on the site near the top of the front page. Let me know what you think.

    alhambra palacio carlos V

    The firm has just finished building a school in El Catllar, Catalunya, outside of Tarragona, and I've been going back and forth to do photos quite a bit. I will post some soon. Other than that, we just got back from a month long vacation, which I think is absolutely insane. By the third week I was actually anxious to get back to work. I guess that's normal, but I really wanted to feel more "spanish" and just enjoy the time off. Anyways, if anyone is every in Barcelona, feel free to look me up on, or just send me an email or a blog comment. I don't know too many people here, and I'd love to meet people who are interested in ... architecture, or speaking english. Sometimes I get sick of speaking in Spanish, because I'm really not that good at expressing myself yet. Anyways, stay tuned, more to come soon...

    Oh, the images are from my trip to granada during the august vacation, in the palace of Charles V in the Alhambra. That's what happens when you travel by yourself.


    • cvankle

      You didn't happen to do the study abroad program while in school in BCN? I was there spring semester a year ago, I'm from Clemson and I remember we shared studio space with some kids from A & M. Anyway good luck with the job, BCN is a great city I'd love to spend some more time there.

      Sep 6, 06 7:50 pm
      David Morris

      yeah, spring 05, i was there. what's your name? do you know melissa bauld or lisa daye? there were here working as well, and they went to clemson.

      Sep 6, 06 7:59 pm

      they were there in 05? hmmm i don't remember them and I knew pretty much everyone that went. I'm Chris Van Kley some of the other people were Knox, Jonathan, Betsy, Dana, Ashley. Thats cool tho, how hard was it to get a VISA to work over there btw?

      Sep 6, 06 8:12 pm
      David Morris

      they were here in 04 or 03, i don't really remember. anyways, the visa question might be one for an email...

      Sep 7, 06 2:42 am

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