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    Jaume Fuster Library Photos

    By David Morris
    Oct 25, '06 4:36 PM EST

    I saw the news post today about the jaume fuster library, I guess I'm a little late on that, but anyways, I took some photos of the library a while back in July. It's a really great building, but the space outside is just awful. In time I'm sure it can turn into something, and as long as they don't let it turn into another Sants Estació, then it should be okay.

    I had to hop a fence and go on a closed walkway to get this one:

    and here is the one that was on the croquis website (he must have been on top of the building behind where I took my shot from, and I suppose he photoshopped that light pole out of the picture):

    I had to delete the last photo competition post, sadly, but anyways, let me know what you think.

    original post


    • geimanj

      Very nice shots. The lighting and color depth are worlds above the last image. Did you use HDR for any of these? The shadow detail in the top image looks almost too good to be true...

      Oct 25, 06 5:13 pm
      David Morris

      yeah, i bracketed these shots and then merged them in photomatix, and used the tonemapping function. this was in the older version though. i think i'll try again with these, because the new version has a way better tone mapping function.

      sometimes i get that halo effect on the edges of the sky and the buildings, and it starts to look really fake, or something kind of like when you see an image that uses "shadow/highlight" in photoshop, and you know it was used.

      Oct 25, 06 6:02 pm

      It was just a guess on my part, but the end result is still quite compelling. I had heard that PShop CS2 incorporates HDR effects, but have yet to try it for myself. I'm totally new to the entire concept, but I find it fascinating nonetheless, and your images are a great example of ways in which it can be utilized effectively.

      Oct 26, 06 2:21 am
      David Morris

      yeah the best part about hdr is you can get some decent colors and saturation with a non-professional camera. thanks for the comments.

      Oct 26, 06 2:24 am

      David, you can always just close posts that, for whatever reason, can no longer be public...this way you still have a record, rather than just deleting it....

      that shady exterior space seems pleasant enough...once some activity moves in...

      Oct 26, 06 9:43 am
      for example...

      (i know, totally different program, context etc.)
      Oct 26, 06 9:45 am
      Chili Davis

      Photoshop CS2 does have HDR effects, but I have found that Photomatix will create a much better finished result. I would say for best results, use 8.0 mpx min. and a decent tri-pod, and bracket at least 5 shots.

      You can get a trial version of Photomatix here and a student version is only about $30.

      Oct 26, 06 11:01 am
      David Morris

      yeah photomatix is dirt cheap for what it can do. it even works as a photoshop plugin.

      ap, is it too late to get the contents of those posts back? i was in a hurry to make them unseeable, and didn't realize i could just close them....

      Oct 26, 06 11:14 am

      not'd have to ask Paul...FAQ

      Oct 26, 06 11:24 am

      the el croquis one is much flatter looking, which might work better for giving a sense of the facade...

      Oct 27, 06 6:40 am

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