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Jan '06 - Jan '07

  • AutoHotKey and Firefox Quick Searches

    By David Morris
    Jan 17, '07 3:14 PM EST

    All you windows users out there cannot possibly live without this:

    here are some of my hotkeys i'm using right now:

    ::btw::by the way ::brb::I'll be right back ::gtg::Hey I gotta go ::lol::hahaha ::rofl::haha, awesome :OR:goog:: :OR:froog:: :OR:gimg:: :OR:fimg:: :OR:gmaps:: :OR:uslang:: :OR:wk::

    thank you, lifehacker

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  • Robot House Builder

    By David Morris
    Jan 17, '07 1:34 PM EST

    This is a long way from being a great idea, but it's still cool: View full entry

  • Roldan+Berengue - closing look

    By David Morris
    Dec 19, '06 2:55 PM EST

    a few weeks ago, we won the Ascer ceramica award for interior architecture. I forgot to blog about it, so here it is in a nutshell:link. melissa bauld and I did all the photos and layouts for the competition, so i'd like to think my photos had something to do with the final decision. check out the... View full entry

  • Goodbye Barcelona Photoshoot

    By David Morris
    Dec 19, '06 2:45 PM EST

    I'm leaving tomorrow, and I just wanted to share a few of my last photos of Barcelona. I'm ready to go home, but i'll miss it... we were so close... *esnif. click the images to see a bigger version: let me know what you think, and no i have no idea what that black spot in the bottom one is... View full entry

  • Nou Mercat Barceloneta

    By David Morris
    Dec 17, '06 7:48 AM EST

    Construction photos of the new market in barceloneta. View full entry

  • More TopMod

    By David Morris
    Dec 13, '06 8:13 PM EST

    I haven't posted in a while now, but I will be catching up on old news this week. This is a post about TopMod, a topological mesh modeling program for the Texas A&M Visualization Laboratory. I'm doing a course called computer aided sculpting while I'm here in Barcelona, and I just wanted to... View full entry

  • Pharos Project

    By David Morris
    Dec 3, '06 6:22 PM EST

    I just got this link from a friend back home. It sounds really promising:Pharos Project View full entry

  • Barcelona Meeting Point Photos

    By David Morris
    Nov 13, '06 12:53 PM EST

    I got a free pass to Meeting Point this weekend, the big real estate convention in the Fira Barcelona at Placa Espanya. It was well worth going just to see how much money all the promotors spend on their stands and on the professional models of all the new catalunya construction projects. R+B had... View full entry

  • Barcelona Construction Photos - Justice City / Placa Europa / Random glass boxes and more

    By David Morris
    Nov 9, '06 6:56 AM EST

    I went on a site visit today to the placa Europa area just on the other side of Montjuic in l'Hospitalet, and on the way back I got lost, and ended up walking down gran via all the way to Placa Espanya. That translates in non-Barcelona terms to, a long f****** way. Anyways, here are some photos... View full entry

  • Barcelona Architecture Music Video

    By David Morris
    Nov 6, '06 2:59 PM EST

    My old roommate sent me this video today. I'm not crazy about the song, but the video is really great: It would be nice to be able to embed videos in blog posts. View full entry

  • I dropped the plate.

    By David Morris
    Nov 2, '06 6:22 PM EST

    I remember back in high school spanish class the day we learned how to tell someone you dropped a plate. You can say, "Se me cayó el plato," which roughly comes back into english as "The plate fell, but it certainlly wasn't my fault." I was thinking about it on my way to work this... View full entry

  • Jaume Fuster Library Photos

    By David Morris
    Oct 25, '06 4:36 PM EST

    I saw the news post today about the jaume fuster library, I guess I'm a little late on that, but anyways, I took some photos of the library a while back in July. It's a really great building, but the space outside is just awful. In time I'm sure it can turn into something, and as long as they... View full entry

  • Roldan+Berengue new website launched. finally.

    By David Morris
    Oct 19, '06 12:07 PM EST

    I finally got to "launch" the new website of the studio today. Let me know what you think: View full entry

  • Gmail Lockdown

    By David Morris
    Oct 3, '06 1:08 PM EST

    Since I started creating the new web site for the office, I've been looking for the ultimate architecture project display engine for the web. I like the works page of Jean Nouvel, example, but it's completely inaccessible being put into flash like that. After hours of Google searches and no less... View full entry

  • Spanish Building Facade Designer

    By David Morris
    Sep 30, '06 8:17 AM EST

    We just finished a competition at the office yesterday afternoon, and after seeing the elevation drawings that were produced, I was inspired to create the first ever javascript css Spanish building facade designer. It's still in the works, but it works well enough for now to try it out. *edit... View full entry

  • Fiesta de la Mercé - Fireworks Spectacular

    By David Morris
    Sep 25, '06 7:52 PM EST

    This is the only way I know to describe the fireworks mania that happened tonight (give it some time to load): View full entry

  • Corre Foc Barcelona

    By David Morris
    Sep 24, '06 6:48 PM EST

    Last night was the Corre Foc, part of the weekend of La Mercé. It was my first time to be a part of something so insane in Barcelona, but definitely my second time since i've been in spain this go-round. I left with my newly repaired digital camera and a blue sweatshirt, and I came back... View full entry

  • I made the InfoDomus Magazine Cover!:L:

    By David Morris
    Sep 19, '06 9:24 AM EST

    What, you mean you haven't heard of InfoDomus magazine? It's only one of about a million Spanish AEC magazines. Yeah, so I hadn't heard of it either, but anyways, here it is. It's a staircase from a project of my boss from a few years ago. Maybe my next magazine cover will be, oh, a magazine that... View full entry

  • Spanish Tech Talk

    By David Morris
    Sep 14, '06 6:42 PM EST

    I feel like I've learned so much already after having lived in Barcelona for only four months. I'd like to share some of what I've learned now. But only the most important things. I'll start with tech lingo. This one is quite a doozy, because it follows absolutely no standard whatsoever, and... View full entry

  • The Curse of Flash Websites and Architecture Firms

    By David Morris
    Sep 12, '06 3:57 PM EST

    I was reading the Archinect weekly email, and when I read this post, I couldn't help but write a little something about it:Palace of Peace and Reconciliation opens in Kasakhstan (Sep 08, 06 | 9:29 am) Photos of the actual building in Foster and partners website, go to News and then click into the... View full entry

  • Hotel Pool Hopping - Barcelona

    By David Morris
    Sep 9, '06 12:34 PM EST

    During the August vacation from work, I picked up a new hobby. Simply put, the idea is to go into any random hotel in the city with an extremely nice pool, preferably on a higher floor with a nice view of the city, act like you are staying there, and steal time in the recreation area. The first... View full entry

  • Síndrome de Diógenes (Hoarding)

    By David Morris
    Sep 8, '06 6:53 PM EST

    This is by far the coolest disease I have ever seen or heard of. Living in a city like Barcelona, you can't help but wonder what is going on in the minds of all those extremely tan and wrinkled old ladies in torn up flowery sun-dresses who spend all their time picking stuff out of the garbage... View full entry

  • Working in an Architecture Firm in Barcelona

    By David Morris
    Sep 6, '06 5:23 PM EST

    I completely forgot about my archinect blog over the summer, and I never really even finished the last semester. Sorry about that. Anyways, I've been in Barcelona since May 21st, working at Roldan+Berengue arqts. (Roldán+Berengué, for spanish websites). Things have been going... View full entry

  • Studio Review and College Station Aerial Photography

    By David Morris
    Apr 10, '06 11:22 AM EST

    We had the CEO of Foster and Associates, Graham Phillips visit last week and review our ACSA competition. He was a really great guy, and his critiques were extremely well received. The lecture was pretty fascinating as well. Anyways, I'll keep it short and sweet. He definitely didn't say he didn't... View full entry

  • The Future of the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University

    By David Morris
    Mar 30, '06 3:30 AM EST

    Does anyone use the Google Reader? I recently started using it, and we have a love hate relationship right now. It's awesome, but it could be so much better. Why can't it do everything you would expect it to do? Anyways, here's a quicklist of reasons to use it:the futuresustainablityarchitecture... View full entry

  • Shackathon, Laser Cutting, Skiing, Swimming Pool Design

    By David Morris
    Mar 28, '06 4:08 AM EST

    I apologize for not posting for such a long time. It's been busy here, you know the typical excuse. Anyways, to catch anyone up as quickly as possible. I went skiing in Breckenridge during Spring Break, and I got incredibly sun and windburned. The just opened up the highest lift in north america... View full entry

  • Notes for those considering buying the new Michael Meredith publication

    By David Morris
    Mar 8, '06 8:43 PM EST

    I'll make this as brief as possible. The publication by Michael Meredith is not a book. It's a piece of paper with a lot of small words written all over it. It's really well-written and has some great thoughts in it. But it's not a book, and it's not worth $20. There is a lack of scale in the... View full entry

  • Topological Mesh Modeling

    By David Morris
    Mar 2, '06 4:32 PM EST

    One of my professors created a polygonal mesh modeling program that is incredibly fascinating. I think anyone in architecture ought to check it out. . It's free to download, it works on Windows through cygwin, and it does some amazing things that are absolutely not possible to do with any other... View full entry

  • HDR Photography

    By David Morris
    Feb 28, '06 11:02 AM EST

    I haven't posted in such a long time. Sorry about that. I will write more later, but I just wanted to write a little about hdr photography. Is anyone interested in HDR photography. I have been messing around with it this semester very little, and I finally managed to get a decent example to... View full entry

  • Parama / Nurbster

    By David Morris
    Feb 5, '06 2:35 PM EST

    I've been trying to get this program called Parama to compile for days, and nothing seems to work. Has anyone out there heard of it? It's written by a guy from San Jose State I think, and it's basically a simpler version of Bentley's Generative Components. It's written in Python and has so many... View full entry

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