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    Hotel Pool Hopping - Barcelona

    By David Morris
    Sep 9, '06 12:34 PM EST

    During the August vacation from work, I picked up a new hobby. Simply put, the idea is to go into any random hotel in the city with an extremely nice pool, preferably on a higher floor with a nice view of the city, act like you are staying there, and steal time in the recreation area.

    The first successful attempt was at the AC Hotel in Barcelona, at the Forum. The pool is on the 13th floor underneath a big cantilevered chunk of the building. It has an amazing view of just about everything you could want to see in Barcelona. You can even see the top of the Herzog and DeMeuron triangle. It's full of water again, and seagull poop, again.

    Anyways, no one said anything to us the entire time we were up there, in the jacuzzis, the saunas, the outside pool, etc... I even went back a second time a few weeks later, and there wasn't a soul in sight.

    The next attempt was the Hotel Diagonal at the foot of the Agbar Tower. Don't be fooled by this hotel. The roof is incredibly lame. not only is it only 9 or 10 stories high, but the pool is about the size of two of the three jacuzzis from the AC hotel. It's worth going up to the top, but don't bring your swimsuit.


    • AP

      i was at that hotel today...didn´t go up, but the lobby was nice...

      Sep 9, 06 2:19 pm
      David Morris

      awesome, it's well worth a trip up to go for a swim or to see the forum mess. what are you doing in barcelona?

      Sep 9, 06 6:49 pm

      vacation....also meeting up with a group of students and professors from my alma mater, UF, for a 6 day study tour of the city...

      we (gf and I) spent the first couple of days relazing, day 1 at Barcelona city beach and day 2 in Sitges, a lovely beach town 30 minutes from Barcelona via train...since then we´ve been busy with the study tour etc.

      having a blast, though...

      Sep 10, 06 2:25 pm
      David Morris

      excellent, I recommend you check out this site for some new projects going on in bcn:

      Apparently it's from a member of archinect who lives in Barcelona, but I have no idea who it is. The site has some amazing content. Anyways, they are building that cloud9 hotel down at the L'hospitalet end of the Gran Via, and it might be worth a trip out there... I'm not sure how far along they are. Other new ones I've seen lately are the Dominique Perrault tower down diagonal from the agbar tower, and a big block done by a local architect with William McDonough as the "sustainability advisor" or something to that effect. It's basically in between the bogatell and llacuna metro stops, below the agbar tower on the grid... it's a great place to see the ghetto transforming into... T-mobile headquarters and the like.

      Sep 10, 06 4:59 pm

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