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    First Day of School - 2006

    By David Morris
    Jan 18, '06 2:44 AM EST

    Today was our first day back at school, and it went really well. I started teaching my new section of ENDS 170, our intro to graphics and general computer "stuff" for undergrads in environmental design.

    I'm trying a lot of new things this time around, and I'll keep this blog up to date with some of their best work as it comes.

    here is our official class site for now:

    The image above really has nothing to do with this post, I just took a photo of the "war on terror" memorial here in college station that was designed by one of my professors to try out some different things with my new tripod.

    Well, other than that, I started compositing class today, where our prof told us to start working on our final projects... today, or else we wouldn't finish. Along with six other "small" assignments throughout the semester.

    The final project in the class involves 3d modeling, rigging, and animating of a character composited onto a video background. This will be my first time to use Maya Live, so it should be interesting. Maybe it will even be my last time to ever use Maya Live. We'll see.

    I have always been curious about how many people in architecture programs use Maya for modeling/rendering/shading/animating/whatever as opposed to some alternative like rhino, viz, formz, sketchup, and any other i didn't mention.

    Please add a comment about it if it suits your fancy.


    • Charlotte Bell

      I am curious about the same thing - in fact, I put up a short poll to try to determine what 3D software people use last week on my blog, but so far, only two comments. See my post.

      Jan 18, 06 1:00 pm
      David Morris

      great idea. i wish more people would read it. what's the best way to get people to read your posts?

      Jan 19, 06 3:28 am

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