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    Apeira: architectural speculation

    Lian Chikako Chang Mar 19 '12 0

    Hi Archinect!

    Just to mention that my former roommate, recent GSD M.Arch.II grad (and thesis prize winner) Etien Santiago, has launched a new print and online journal called 'Apeira.'

    The first issue includes:

    The Whole of Apeira / Etien Santiago
    Fêlure in Humans and Machines / Lea Anglais
    Post-Modern Women Artists and the ‘Objective Other’ / Jessica Vaughn
    The Threads of Objectivity: A Touchstone of Architectural Theory / David Getzin
    The Appearance of Transparency: Architecture and Narrative in Émile Zola’s Au Bonheur des Dames (1883) / Jason Nguyen
    Lucretius and Goethe: Formulating an Absence / Michael Vlasopoulos
    Hedge House / Michael Vlasopoulos
    The Rose and its Reason / Carlos Blanco
    Materials of Virgil’s Eclogues / Timothy Chandler

    If anything here catches your eye, you can download this entire issue as a free PDF at:

    Thanks for reading!



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