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    Lian Chikako Chang Apr 3 '10 1

    Hello Archinect!

    So, we like algorithms at the GSD. Not only in design, but in optimizing options studio and electives lotteries, and--apparently--in the naming of lecture series.

    And I've cracked the code.

    Recent major conferences and lecture series have been called:

    Critical Ecologies
    Ecological Urbanism
    Critical Digital

    And I have determined that the next series is going to be...

    ...wait for it...

    Digital Urbanism!

    It's gonna be great. Thanks for reading!


    P.S. Let me just leave you with a few photos from a visit to the construction site of Russia Wharf (a skyscraper project in Boston that is preserving some historic facades at its base). This was for our 'City of Steel' class, which is currently looking at window systems, so we were primarily interested in learning about their use of a unitized curtain wall. But the whole experience was excellent, thanks to Philip Casey, the project architect from CBT Architects in Boston, who gave us a great tour--and to the perfect summer weather which suddenly appeared out of the blue.



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