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    Lian Chikako Chang Dec 17 '10 3

    Hello Archinect!

    For my class on Pynchon, we were supposed to write papers, but I got permission to do an animation instead, then I made a book.

    Here it is.





    The cut-out shape is of a V2 Rocket, which is the overarching (heh, if you excuse the pun) image in Gravity's Rainbow. Whether the rocket is getting ready to launch (pointing up) or on its way down (pointing down) depends on which side of the book you open--and the cover features the character Gottfried for the former direction and Slothrop for the latter, since their narratives relate to the rocket in these ways.

    And THAT, together with this primitive rendering for our rendering class, concludes my work for the semester:


    Some classes are still going strong, though: the On the Bri(n)ck class (taught by Ingeborg Rocker) is busily assembling their pavilion in the pit, and I also have a bunch of classmates in a class called Refabricating Prototypes who are spending the night in the project room. Have a good night, guys. I'm looking forward to seeing the results this weekend.


    Thanks for reading!

    P.S. If we were all cute and feathery, architecture school would be like this:



    • Roberto Costa
      Dec 17, 10 5:18 am

      nice work. is the book a flip book? that duck video seems to have come out of an Al Gore's climate change presentation

      Lian Chikako Chang
      Dec 17, 10 10:49 am

      Hey, thanks Roberto! Yes, it is set up as a flip book, although the weight of the pages--a fairly thin mylar--is not really optimized to handle it that way.

      Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke
      Dec 17, 10 9:41 pm

      Cool!!!! The anti-Zak Smith. I wrote something on Pynchon for a landscape class at Princeton:

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