Ana Rolim

Ana Rolim

New York, NY, US


Occupying downtown - Attorney's office

The old downtown area by the former port is where the city started back in the 1600’s. A new generation of young professionals are re-occupying the area, looking for more personal and character driven work spaces. We designed this office with one idea in mind: bring a little bit of the history of the site back into the building and mix it with a timeless urban verve. This positive tension is reflected in the stretched steel cables that float over the space, and in the contrast between rough and polished surfaces/materials (pinus wood and lacquered components). Optimizing the space without making it cluttered was a secondary direction. 4 main spaces define the floor plan: a waiting / attorney’s area, the director’s office, restroom/storage and a terrace overlooking the old city.

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Status: Built
Location: Recife, BR
My Role: Architect
Additional Credits: 3d renderings by Fernando Vilarim