Ana Rolim

Ana Rolim

New York, NY, US


Carlos Pena Filho and Savoy Memorial

A cultural center to honor the bohemian Bar Savoy and one of its legends, the poet Carlos Pena Filho. The approach was to create a slanted floor tunnel where the memorials for the poet and the Savoy bar met. This space is enclosed by two walls, one is a tessellated 3d wall, that protrudes towards the pathway, and the other the negative version of the first, with punched through openings painted in blue. The color blue is used throughout the project in an homage to the poet's love for the color. The presence of the existing building, a landmarked example of protomodern architecture, is reassured in the proposal. Its walls, beams and columns are exposed and the recent finishes stripped off. We proposed the extension of the bar out to the pedestrian street in the back of the building, bringing the lively surroundings into the space.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Recife, BR
My Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Designed with Andreza Passos, Erica Costa and Rafael Rangel