Ana Rolim

Ana Rolim

New York, NY, US


Balancing Pavilion

A temporary pavilion to display art and house workshops in Russia. Our proposal is based on the concept of tectonics, reflected in both material and spatial joints. It also reinterprets Constructivism’s exposed structures, blending it with a transformative and contemporary character, which allows for changes in the building appearance as natural and artificial light hits it, someone climbs its façades or graffitti is applied over it. The Slant-D pavillion refers to the traditional Russian folklore of Horovo by having its red carpet-like floor turn into ribbons that occupy the landscape estimulating interaction with people. The materials used are OSB3 panels that would be cut through a CNC process and an inner layer of clear alveolar polycarbonate.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Vyksa, RU
My Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Designed with Vera Freire, Erica Costa and Jackson Verissimo