Isaac Wilhelm

Isaac Wilhelm

Los Angeles, CA, US


Xixian New Area_Urban Development

Sited outside Xi’an, China, Xixian New Area is a diversely programmed planned city center.  Design proposals for four separate iconic city blocks and a central median parkway were developed.  The program functions of the buildings on each block include: commercial, office, mixed-use, and hotel.  Furthermore, each city block has one high-rise tower making it the focal point of each parcel.  Creating a commercial podium for the mid-rise and high-rise towers to rest on, the lower buildings contain various commercial activities.  An all-weather glass arcade bisects the blocks and connects the main structures together.  Furthermore, skybridges link parcel 1 with 4 and parcel 2 with 3.  Similarly, a subterranean continuous corridor loop connects all four high-rise towers to one another.  Open space, green roofs, street arcades, and tree-lined streets are other key urban strategies utilized.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Xixian, CN
My Role: Design Director
Additional Credits: MADA s.p.a.m.