Isaac Wilhelm

Isaac Wilhelm

Los Angeles, CA, US


Bata International Airport_Airport Terminal

Along the Atlantic coastline of Bata, Equatorial Guinea, Bata International Airport is the sole commercial airport of the new capital city.  The biological form of the ceiba tree along with other symbols of Equatorial Guinea’s national identity inspired the concept.  By studying gothic cathedral vault rips, a form was generated resembling the ceiba tree’s fanned branches.  The vertical structural components symbolize the branches, while the roof symbolizes the canopy of leaves.  Influenced by Spanish shapes and patterns, a field of diamond units roll across the roof structure; hexagonal glass curtain walls weave through the terminal interior.  Mimicking sunlight beaming through the dense canopy of a ceiba forest, the diamond units randomly dissipate to multi-shaped skylights for daylight to penetrate the interior terminal and botanical gardens.  The surrounding topographic landscape design of the airport shadows the terminal roof undulations.  Approximately 2,400 m², the airport terminal serves over 1.26 million passengers annually.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Bata, Equatorial Guinea
My Role: Design Director
Additional Credits: MADA s.p.a.m.