Isaac Wilhelm

Isaac Wilhelm

Los Angeles, CA, US


X Bench

Conceptualized on the eve of acquiring two wooden table legs and a tree house sign on fraternity row, X Bench is a combination of reclaimed and new materials designed for the privileged soroity girl. Primarily, the functionality concept is the storage of women’s heels and boots. While obtaining reclaimed pieces of wood, the design evolved from a functionality concept to a physical form. Design evolution implemented secondary functionality features including: make-up application, self-admiration, cup holders, and purse hooks. The simplicity of coating the reclaimed pieces is complementary to the unapologetic hot pink new elements. The gold leaf accenting and gold mirror panels add a unifying element of privilege. X Bench contains all the function and aesthetic elements a sorority girl desires to assist with the realities of life.

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Status: Under Construction
My Role: Designer/Builder