Isaac Wilhelm

Isaac Wilhelm

Los Angeles, CA, US


Chuanlord TreeHouse_Zoo Park & Resort

Part of a large-scale theme park development in Chenzhou, China, Chuanlord TreeHouse is a resort integrated with a zoo park on the Leishui River.  Secluded on an island, guest must ride long-tail boats down narrow waterways to access the resort.  The topography of the island is a constructed landform building mimicking the mountains and valleys along the riverbank.  Circular pockets across the landform building open to contain exotic wildlife and aquatic exhibits.  Behind the vertical glass curtain walls of the circular exhibits, commercial activities and public walkways view onto the animals below.  Treehouses covered in vegetation grow and soar out of the landform hillside.  Guest rooms and skywalks high-above allow private panoramic views of the Hunan landscape and zoo exhibits.  Similarly, hanging along the steep cliffs a second typology of cliff house resorts provides an alternative viewpoint.  Chuanlord TreeHouse merges modern luxury with natural wilderness.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Chenzhou, CN
My Role: Design Director
Additional Credits: MADA s.p.a.m.