What music are you listening to?

Happy Anarchy



Jan 11, 20 2:52 am
Happy Anarchy


Jan 11, 20 2:52 am
Happy Anarchy


Jan 11, 20 2:53 am
Happy Anarchy


Happy Anarchy


Happy Anarchy

found the tiger woods song

Jan 11, 20 3:00 am
Happy Anarchy

you need to get a jobby job

Jan 11, 20 3:02 am
Happy Anarchy

sanity as per Miles and B3ta

Jan 11, 20 3:08 am
Happy Anarchy

some e-town

and some bruce

Jan 11, 20 3:11 am
Happy Anarchy

architects are more working class than they used to be

Jan 11, 20 3:23 am
Happy Anarchy

.dude in flack jacket at DOB , guido gumbo johhny was total architect,

I like him, he is I, but I'm pure WASP from Kansas and he be Italion 'Merican... 

bro, the Russians like us ;)

Jan 11, 20 3:25 am
Happy Anarchy


as an architect you can orchestrate who works on a real project.

you can support your working class heroes.

mild meta

Jan 11, 20 3:28 am
Happy Anarchy

fuck ya'll

Jan 11, 20 3:31 am
Happy Anarchy's comment has been hidden
Happy Anarchy

You ever heard of Iran?

No.I ran what?

It's a country, they say,


fuck Islam, go back


Jan 11, 20 3:36 am

Workin on a Friday night again?

Jan 11, 20 6:27 pm

What I am listening to:

What the whole internet is listening to :

Jan 12, 20 8:31 pm
Non Sequitur

Pearl Jam North American (mini) tour announced today. I’ll be snapping up my tickets tomorrow. Currently debating if I should head south of the border for a 2nd show or wait until there are more appetizing locations. Baltimore? Come on now.   

Jan 13, 20 5:37 pm

Oresund Space Collective

Jan 15, 20 12:04 am

 Top 3:


Tame Impala

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Jan 31, 20 1:09 am
Non Sequitur

RHCP for the win


Lene Marlin - Unforgivable Sinner


Feb 11, 20 4:05 pm

death thrash

Feb 18, 20 7:32 pm

The classical architecture debate raging made me think of this gem. One of my favorite songs about architecture.

Feb 18, 20 7:33 pm

I just started listening to Algiers today, really good stuff.

Feb 18, 20 7:47 pm

Like it.

Non Sequitur

I just acquired tickets to a Rage Against the Machine outdoor concert. 

I’m getting too old for the pits though. I’ll watch from a safe distance near the beer tent. 

Feb 19, 20 6:23 am

If you see anyone under the age of 30, they may not know who they're watching.

Wilson, Duke of RFIs


Feb 19, 20 7:57 am

I have many musical interests and different genres, especially my interest in POP music. Zil Sesleri

Feb 25, 20 9:50 pm
a virus's virus


Image result for blade runner ost

Mar 1, 20 6:42 pm

Random LoFi electric guitar solos 

Mar 2, 20 7:59 am
a virus's virus


Mar 6, 20 11:13 pm
a virus's virus


this song is about

Mar 8, 20 1:53 pm

Generally, I love and listen to different music. Oldish and newish songs are both on my playlist. But, if we are talking about the newish ones than I name Trevor Deniel - Past Life, Falling; Jessie Reyez - Crazy; Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill; Billie Eilish - No time to die. Those are last added to my playlist. 

Mar 10, 20 12:06 am
wurdan freo

Mar 23, 20 12:38 pm
Non Sequitur

I never have music on while in the office but since I'm working from home at the moment, It's been a morning full of Beastie Boys:

Mar 23, 20 12:46 pm

Last night, after dinner/before bed, I was listening to "Raga 45s from the collection of Amala Devi pt 2" played/selected by @IdeologicOrgan

Also loving the last two links Marc, thanks!

Mar 24, 20 7:48 pm

Designed for anybody interested in extending their aural attention span and genuinely challenging their preconceptions.

Similar Sites Like Vipbox TV, beeboom

Remain in Light (1980), Talking Heads

Like a Prayer (1989), Madonna

Mar 25, 20 2:47 am

Some of my favorite songs stylistically have been indie-folk and indie-rock but I do not mine branching out. However, it is lyrics that I like most and thus I'll sometimes sacrifice my preferred style in favor of preferred subject matter.

Mar 25, 20 9:48 am

I made a quarantine playlist.

No photo description available.

Mar 25, 20 2:18 pm

Deep drafting music

Mar 27, 20 1:37 pm

Two new NIN albums this AM.

Mar 27, 20 1:41 pm


Non Sequitur

free too

Been planning on checking out this weekend.

Non Sequitur

New pearl jam today.

Mar 27, 20 1:50 pm

Really, link?


Pretty / wild

Mar 27, 20 7:05 pm

Man in the box - Alice in Chains

Mar 29, 20 9:07 pm

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