What music are you listening to?

go do it


Nov 30, 19 12:00 am
go do it

soul brother #1

Nov 30, 19 12:20 am
go do it

the godfather of soul

Nov 30, 19 12:25 am
go do it


Dec 1, 19 12:07 am

While we're on soul music 

Dec 1, 19 12:17 am
go do it


Dec 1, 19 1:16 am

Where else can one sit with other people, listen, and enjoy music in (relative) silence so that there are no distractions besides the music itself? 

Music can also stimulate the mind. There are many things in music, to which one can listen and bring attention. One can be mindful of the melodies or themes, the harmony, the driving or relaxed rhythms.

One of the great things about music in general, and in particular concert music, is that playing it opens up a whole new world of experience that further enhances the mind, physical coordination, and expression. 
Tho I help people to change their sick tired life and help them discover new passive sources of income but these are my music that I listen to most of the time, here I go:

Have a nice day:)

Dec 1, 19 2:46 pm
Happy Anarchy


Dec 5, 19 10:27 pm
Happy Anarchy

was told Mr. Zimmerman has no musical training...

Dec 5, 19 11:27 pm
Happy Anarchy

do you want to know God?

the future of AI and music?

a pre-historic film!

Dec 5, 19 11:28 pm
Happy Anarchy

Related image


Dec 5, 19 11:59 pm
Happy Anarchy

this what the 90's looked like kids

Dec 6, 19 12:01 am

I still have my strobe light.

Happy Anarchy

so one fest, the kids on drugs said they had one (the girl was hot once but now on some drug to get you off opiods makes her look weird) anyway they offered to bring the strobe and I said I'd cover my yard in aluminum foil...never happened. would of been bad ass though....aluminum foil. olive oil. strobe light. done.

Happy Anarchy

russia's influence on 'merican culture


Dec 6, 19 12:25 am
Happy Anarchy

wait wait did Bassnectar really do this?

Dec 6, 19 12:28 am
Happy Anarchy

I asked the piano?

Dec 6, 19 12:35 am
Happy Anarchy

the stairs are?

Image result for exorcist stairs

sanity, bitches

Dec 6, 19 12:39 am
Happy Anarchy

toodles ;)

Happy Anarchy

just slogging through all of it into the late night with beer and a great blues album


Dec 12, 19 12:27 am

I've had Aesop Rock's "The Impossible Kid" on heavy rotation all year, and still a single track will randomly jump out at me with powerful resonance.

"Used to draw, hard to admit that I used to draw." This is a fantastic meditation on the regret of letting a creative passion fall to the periphery.

"Get out of the car" A beautiful, emotional lament on failing to grieve a loss.

Dec 12, 19 4:50 pm

You can imagine the stars that align
When a forearm starts foreshortening right
Or a torso hung on a warping spine
Of proportion reads as warm and alive
Routine day with a dirt cheap brush
Then a week goes by and it goes untouched
Then two then three then a month
Then the rest of your life you beat yourself up

Just, so damn good.


Hits way too close to home.

Happy Anarchy

oddly enough I think you to dudes are practically same people...thank you for the intro. decent stuff



Dec 13, 19 1:46 pm
Happy Anarchy

in general, this guy is absolutely amazing on many levels

Dec 13, 19 11:20 pm
Happy Anarchy

found the typical architect song late studio or mid-career

Dec 13, 19 11:52 pm
Happy Anarchy


music means nothing ;)

apparently I owned this album once and I remember I was in love with some French girl at the time. yeah, I own this on CD! [loser]

Gen X'ers are such downer's bruh.

You cool kids (millenials), all because you have these imaginary WeWork, Instagram, Facebook worlds on the weekend think a guy who can archinect while wife is out at office parties downing a $200 bottle of whiskey home alone, couldn't do it -

I can do it!

anyway, the French Girl and I were really into Lenny Kravitz at the time, at the clubs and what not, this song -

I chased her, never saw her again.  according to Linkedin she married the English Cokehead.

[truth is, did see her again in Amsterdam, on hash, mushroom, some weed and beer and with my now wife....sooo much tension the English guy hit on my wife and we just ordered a beer together....these French people like drama.]

!my architecture career blossomed, getting an internship in Germany while chasing tail (this is a non PC way of stating - a man chasing a woman for all the wrong reasons), but when I arrived in Brooklyn I looked forward to

I should have been a pair of ragged claws

Scuttling across the floors of silent seas.

- TS Eliot

That was the beginning, that was when I knew there was only architecture...

[oh wait wait, clinically or as my daughter says "Dad suffers from Depression" nevermind, back to your happy worlds]

Image result for max headroom movie"

Dec 14, 19 12:35 am

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