What music are you listening to?



Aug 8, 19 12:52 am

I listen to The 1975 band every morning after waking up. It kinda makes my day.

Aug 8, 19 7:29 am


City Morgue

Polo G

Aug 8, 19 3:35 pm
atelier nobody
go do it


Aug 21, 19 10:38 pm
go do it


Aug 21, 19 10:39 pm
go do it


Aug 21, 19 10:46 pm
go do it


Aug 23, 19 9:55 pm
go do it


Aug 25, 19 12:18 am

^ Shakes 

Aug 26, 19 8:28 pm

This made me think of rando, where he been?

Aug 30, 19 7:32 pm

Both classical and ambient.

Sep 1, 19 5:22 pm

A-ha Blue Sky

Sep 5, 19 12:29 pm
go do it


Sep 9, 19 11:56 pm

new TOOL.

Sep 10, 19 11:52 am
Non Sequitur

this is the only acceptable answer. A close second would be classic tool


Woke up with this (Allman Bros) stuck in my head.  One of my all time favorites.  

Sep 10, 19 12:01 pm

Rammstein this week so far. 

Sep 10, 19 4:37 pm
go do it


Sep 14, 19 10:47 pm
Non Sequitur

tool and 10% beer is where I’m at tonight. 

Sep 15, 19 12:06 am

Cars: Drive and Dangerous Type and Hello Again, etc.

RIP, Ric Ocasek

Sep 16, 19 1:19 am

>>>Macbeth >>>Verdi

Sep 17, 19 6:56 am

Well, it's not that new, but recently, I listen to Jason Mraz's songs. He always makes me grateful for living my life.

Sep 17, 19 7:55 am
Happy Anarchy

Image result for harvey keitel bad lieutenantI made account to post this toon....wait that was me getting a shot of poppy seed in Hell's kitchen...or is that Harvey Keitel?

Sep 20, 19 10:54 pm

Is that top pic from 'Bad Lieutenant'? Such a wild film. Learned about it from someone I knew in community college.

Happy Anarchy

you call it wild I call it New York. I'm not sure that edge of NYC is still around anymore really (like it was) , from what I can tell NYC has become a playground for spoiled brats.

in the mild... one of my guys and the few I meet, that edge still exists if say you're someone who has to make a living working architecture. That edge of suicide as an option on the weekends....that's what that pic means, that's what that movie means to anyone who tried to be someone without support in NYC!

Happy Anarchy

scusami...good weight lifting music?

curl curl curl

Sep 21, 19 12:10 am
Happy Anarchy

I believe I am now calling random out

Sep 21, 19 12:28 am
Happy Anarchy

i got laid to this once, real guuud.

Sep 21, 19 1:05 am
Happy Anarchy

and me wife came down the aisle to this... my dad found Jesus to this shit, i found someone who saved me from myself and made me a person, so I played this happy song....

I know you can't put all your hope in one person, but if you don't believe in god and you don't believe in yourself, surely someone could love you....

yeah architecture is a long road, and it doesn't love me.  I'm hoping one day, after all this shit, all these long hours, all this work for my clients, I see something I did worth waking-up for...

Sep 22, 19 11:34 pm

I mainly listen to Tame Impala, Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers and, to my own surprise, sometimes NF.

Sep 29, 19 8:05 pm

New Opeth.

Sep 29, 19 9:25 pm
atelier nobody

Listening to masters at work.

I'm not sure where this is available in long form but it's a great documentary.

Oct 2, 19 11:47 pm
Happy Anarchy


Oct 4, 19 11:25 pm
Happy Anarchy


Oct 4, 19 11:32 pm

Mary J. Blige and Wyclef Jean 911. Damn.

Oct 5, 19 12:34 am
Happy Anarchy

This song is exaggerated now, but we hid it with PC bullshit. We pretend making American Great Again is racist and wrong, but let me remind you the forefathers said all men were created equal while owning slaves and eventually it rang true thanks to real men like MLK. 

It's the thought that counts.

Don't sell your soul, the good times could have been for all of us, but hey Wal-Mart says you like those prices - fuck your health care, fuck your welfare, you want cheap you're gonna live cheap.

race, sex, politics, religion, are all distractions by the ruling financial class.

I'm not communist, I just care about US!

This song is about them rich fucks, fucking with us.

What can you do as an architect?

You can work for anybody and you can give them the best design they could have and when a rich fuck asks you to work for free - bill them for the time you spent writing the invoice and email. The rich fucks are the problem (not the whites, not the men, not the Donald (who has no money anyway), its the rich fucks...)

just venting, as an Architect, you meet all these people and then you become extremely cynical and have doubts about humanity, I'm doing my best - but  I think Merle is right.


Oct 6, 19 1:35 am
Happy Anarchy

pretty sure I've listened to this like a 100 times now.




cosmic death /black metal

Oct 6, 19 3:12 pm

I've been following Anthony Fantano's Needle Drop album review podcasts for a year or two and so what I listed to has a strong flavour of that so, currently 'Charli' by Charli XCX - sort of alt-pop, 'The Highwomen' by the Highwomen (country), 'Norman effing Rockwell' Lana del Rey.  Also on the back of Netflix 'Evolution of Hiphop' docuseries have been re-enjoying fear of a black planet by public enemy with plans to check out their first four albums more thoroughly .  All via spotify. 

Oct 7, 19 6:58 am


Oct 8, 19 9:57 pm
Happy Anarchy

is that avant-garde pee-wee herman! (sorry, my brain thinks these things, I write them)

What music is that?

Happy Anarchy

see above...

Oct 11, 19 11:15 pm
Happy Anarchy

is it my brain or is it...?

Oct 12, 19 12:50 am
Happy Anarchy

well there is Howard Stern, no?

Oct 12, 19 1:03 am
Happy Anarchy

realized that song is too edgy for the kids

something must more less offensive.

you realize this is comedy right?

Happy Anarchy

it's called satire and what not

Oct 12, 19 1:12 am
Happy Anarchy

dude you should go to bed ;)

is that huawei?

you know that call I made to a SanFran firm and like 3minutes later I'm making same call while on the phone with said SanFran firm? (phone died twice randomly (just wondering, why so hard on your own peeps?)

Oct 12, 19 1:23 am
Happy Anarchy

thinkin' a good surname "strange propaganda machine"

Image result for mao zedong

Country boy just stepping off the train and waiving!

Oct 12, 19 1:33 am
Happy Anarchy

.follow thee train.

Oct 12, 19 1:41 am
Happy Anarchy

just country boys waiving

They love our milk an' honey,
But they preach about some other way of livin'.
When they're runnin' down my country, hoss,
They're walkin' on the fightin' side of me.

Oct 12, 19 1:50 am
Happy Anarchy

this is my problem with you young folk, you give a shit if someone reads your shit...dude if everyone pays as much attention to themselves as you do to yourself, you think they notice anyone else? like a trick question....

remember, the internet is not real, ever.


Oct 12, 19 2:19 am

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