What music are you listening to?

get off my lawn kids

you like complex shit...




Lots going on 'tween the ears over here. BTW, my cousin in Queens might be calling you.... Bldg dept nonsense.

get off my lawn kids

Queens is a lot of fun (I hate how far Jamaica is from manhattan!)

get off my lawn kids

Born in USA is not a pride album, it's well how did I get fucked by this great country... and then the re-make of that album says "DEAD MAN'S TOWN", that's us.  Ray Bradbury covered it in "Martian Chronicles...

hope is better then depression though, on the upside..

Jul 7, 19 6:44 pm

One of Queens greatest 

Jul 8, 19 12:06 am

PowerWolf at present. Operatic vocals are addictive.

Jul 8, 19 6:52 am

Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes

soothing tunes after a long weekend...

Jul 8, 19 4:19 pm
atelier nobody

Just at the moment...

Jul 8, 19 6:53 pm

complex stuff

Jul 9, 19 9:17 pm

One of my "instagram takipçi al" share that, I think that song from the series of Netflix.

Apparat - Goodbye - Dark (Netflix) Theme Song

Jul 14, 19 3:47 pm

Is that show any good?


Iridescent - Linkin Park (A Thousands Suns)

I downloaded Spotify 2019 from apknite then while I was listening to music, it jumped to this wonderful song

Jul 15, 19 6:19 am
atelier nobody

Taraf de Haidouks right now.

Jul 15, 19 3:55 pm

The Cranberries...the 90s were awesome. 

Jul 16, 19 12:18 pm
Stew Dent

I have to plug Audiotree label for phenomenal live sessions! Def would recommend, as they cover a lot of different genres and I haven't found a label that matches their quality in sound/tone/artist platforming. Some of the artists live recordings are better quality than their albums recordings.

Jul 17, 19 7:39 pm

thom yorke  - anima album. 'Traffic' the first song on the album is unreal

Jul 18, 19 3:49 pm
Stew Dent

Did you see the video of Anima? It's about 10 minutes.

get off my lawn kids

just another saturday on  90 hour work week...

Billy Joel - We didn't start the fire

similar, but considerably more direct version by Everlast at the end of the trajectory

Jul 20, 19 5:35 pm

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