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My boss has finally convinced me to start seriously quitting smoking. Day 1 of nicotine patches, so far so good. Gotta keep morale high by posting on Archinect, and I need to find something else to do to replace my previous hourly 5-minute break.

Jul 28, 22 7:25 am  · 
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Unfortunately posting here is worse for your health than smoking.

Jul 28, 22 9:57 am  · 

Thanks for the pep talk Chad. 6 hours in and I've still only smoked the one cig this morning before I put the patch on. So far so good!

Jul 28, 22 10:46 am  · 

You've got this! 

 Now excuse me, I have to put on my Archinect patch . . .

Jul 28, 22 11:57 am  · 
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That’s a really tough challenge Jovan and I wish you well in achieving your goal!

Jul 29, 22 8:32 am  · 

Well I haven’t had a cigarette since yesterday morning! The Florida AIA convention is helping since I’m in sessions all day!

Jul 29, 22 10:11 am  · 
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Make sure to snack and drink! Stay hydrated and keep your mouth busy.

Jul 29, 22 10:28 am  · 
Wood Guy


In the last year I've learned that my penchant for snacking is a way to get dopamine. I believe it's the same for smoking, and a lot of other addictions and addictive behaviors. I recommend finding another way to get a blast of dopamine, even if it's not as fast or strong as you get from smoking (or eating).For me it's been exercise--when I feel the need to snack, I do a set of pushups or pullups, or go for a quick, brisk walk around the yard. Or I do a chore that may not be fun but that feels good when I'm done.

Seeing my bad habits as ways to get dopamine has totally changed my viewpoint, and helped me lose 50 lbs. And my wife likes my new muscles!

Jul 29, 22 10:53 am  · 
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Hadn’t ever considered that, wood guy…gonna try that. (I eat pretty good foods, but I def suffer for snacking or even over-eating an item at a meal when i know i shouldn’t)

Jul 29, 22 11:47 am  · 
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Alright Donna I followed your advice about drinking and it is in fact working!

Jul 29, 22 8:20 pm  · 
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How is it going, Jovan? It's not comparable, but I've been off Twitter for 10 days now and it's a rough change for me but ultimately better for my mental health.

Aug 1, 22 3:11 pm  · 

Going good Donna!! It's been over 120 hours (over 5 days!) since I smoked a cigarette... well, technically my clock reset on Friday, as I decided I should be allowed a birthday cigarette...BUT, I got two puffs in before I decided I didn't want it, so I only half count that.

Aug 1, 22 4:35 pm  · 
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Good for you! I quit 5 years ago and never looked back. Might I suggest reading Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking book. It will change the way you think about smoking and helped me quit cold turkey

Aug 2, 22 3:26 pm  · 
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My copy of Pretty Good House is  * allegedly * arriving later today ... !

(Just in time for a 10-day work + personal trip too)

Aug 8, 22 11:49 am  · 
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