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The sweet spot has always been the 5-8 years of experience.  Below or above that, you'll get screwed.  Basically they want a minon who doesn't need hand-holding, but also lacks the experience to run the show.

Dec 4, 18 12:52 pm

spot on, I'm at crossroads now with 25 yrs of experience and facing a retiring boss - lots of thinking to come.


It's a tough spot JLC. Do they have a good transition plan already underway?


Hah, no - won't bother you with details, but the latest conversation with my boss was the most vague I've had with anyone ever, he asks me, What do you think will happen with this company? we are 2 employees and him!! ; it's like he wants all his "problems" to vanish by not addressing them, I think I will move (company and town) once my youngest go to college next fall. I'm willing to take a pay cut but not to become a revit monkey.


they didn't offer for you to take over the business? That has been a pretty consistent carrot never to come to reality from my past employers...


I have no interest in paying him a life pension in exchange for a name.


Sounds like one of those then that just stops taking on jobs and closes the door when the last one is submitted. Sucks... I could introduce you to the dark arts of forensics & peer review; probably a pay raise from what you are used to as well... Pro's; good pay, interesting to see how buildings fail. Con's; no creation or design and you are dealing with shattered dreams, attornies, and some of the dumbest things our industry produces which will corrupt your soul and outlook on humanity... (most of what you'll report on stem from not giving a f'k, stupidity, a complete lack of understanding how gravity and water works, more stupidity, casual idiocracy and greed).


I know forensics from a side, helped drawing the correct flashing details for several resort cabins in california and then the same architect was hired to report on defects in my own condo complex. Thanks but no thanks. Also seen some shady associations btw forensic archs. and lawyers - it's amazing how people are afraid of what they don't know and can be forced to act against themselves. But that's a different story.


I'd love to know the name of the firm, just for the giggles.


I used to work for an engineer who did forensics. I thought it was a lot of fun. Didn't get too deep into it though so what do I know.

I work part time and make a decent amount. No bennies however. 

Dec 4, 18 5:39 pm

Six figures isn't all that much considering housing prices. I don't know how people do it.

Dec 4, 18 5:54 pm

i Don’t know how people can afford to buy in my neighborhood. Most recent place a few houses up sold for 700k more than what we paid for our single family - and it was part of a duplex! If it weren’t for the cost of childcare we’d be doing really well.


How most afford is like you might... Your house is now worth a lot more than you owe. So, you take that equity and use it as the downpayment on the next house ... and so on. The first time buyers or transplants from a cheap housing region to a expensive one are the ones who are screwed. They'll probably have to downgrade. Put your architect skills to work on your house changing stuff using what you know will sell well, which will increase your home's value a lot more than joe smoe slapping on paint and cheap carpet. You'll also have a better eye than most in being able to spot "good bones" on houses others would overlook or be turned off by because you know about what it will take to change that stuff. And you'll avoid some bad houses that have telltale signs of issues...

Non Sequitur

David Curtis‏ @dc_us 11h11 hours ago

Paul Petrunia, Archinect decided ad revenue is more important than having ethics.

This is still going on? Such dedication... if only those powers were used for something constructive... like writing his architecture exams.

Dec 4, 18 10:23 pm

Withdrawal of archinect is quite tough.

Non Sequitur

Must be. Maybe he should start a AA group.

wurdan freo

Archinects Anonymous... ?

This is likely TMI but have any of you guys ever dealt with dementia in a parent? It's fucking awful. Horrific. I feel as emotionally fragile and helpless as I did those first few days after giving birth but without the joy of a new baby - in fact the exact opposite.

Thank god for podcasts that reassure one that one is not alone, in *whatever* one's struggle may be.

Dec 5, 18 7:23 am
Non Sequitur

Not experienced a parent but a close family member nonetheless. Currently hitting its worse stage so far requiring secure institutional help... and the person has yet to teach 70 years of age. I feel where you’re coming from.


I can't even imagine. My 92 grandma is in a home now, but still seems to be driving my parents crazy. I feel for you.


BTW Donna, I remember you wrote a long time ago about the death of a family dog, it was really touching and I still feel for you. I had forgotten about it until a couple days ago when one of our dogs passed.

Sorry to hear that Donna. It’s brutal: the best outcome is the worst outcome. Good luck.


Not dementia but cluster B personality disorder. It's a living nightmare.

Goldenen Schnitzen

It was never about me. It was always about making sure she was not alone, all the way to the point that her final moments were in my arms.


So sorry Donna. My grandmother passed a long time ago from alzheimer's. I wasn't close though; she was in advanced stages by the time I was in high school. It is an awful disease.


Went through it with an aunt in another city, with me as her only real relative. Godawful nightmare, which included elder fraud by a "caregiver" who was trying to do a little caregiving with auntie's money. Ended up in probate court hearings, on and on and on. Multiple airline trips back and forth. My aunt was on the moon mentally, so she didn't know what was going on. The biggest problem is that they are childlike, and yet you can't control them the way you can control a child. The legal system is reluctant to deprive someone of their autonomy, so you just feel totally helpless. Nobody wants to get involved (understandably). My parents were both dead by that point and I have no siblings, so I got to do it all by myself. Never felt so alone.

Lost my mother at age 53, not to dementia but to the most profound depression you can imagine.  For all intents and purposes, she really was demented.  That was the most vivid vision of Hell that you can imagine.

Sounds terrible, but when things get to that point, death is a blessing for all concerned.


I'm sorry Donna.


Very sorry to hear about this, Donna. I can't imagine how difficult that must be, how painful. Bless you and your whole family.


You are not alone Donna. It is the absolute worst. My grandfather was devolving into dementia, but also has issues with diabetes. One day he just woke up not knowing how to form sentences. He can say disparate words and sounds but nothing coherent. The doctor says its due to a prolonged high blood sugar episode that has damaged his brain. We have him living in a nursing facility. Our family feels almost as if we never got to say goodbye. His spirit is gone, but he is still physically living.

Thanks for all the replies, you all. I know there are so many of us who go through it and when you hit a certain age dealing with your parents' demise is just part of life. There's a beauty to the stages of life, absolutely! But it's a painful beauty because even though it's natural and and there is an emotional closeness you feel to the others in your family as you work with this person it's also so wrenching. When my husband's mom died a few years ago I felt somewhat similar and I am eternally grateful that she gave me a "dry run" rehearsal to experiencing the loss of a parent before it happened with my own - she was such a generous person in so many ways, and I count that as one of them! The other aspect of the stress (and I'm so grateful that I don't have to worry about con artists who prey on elders, geezertect, like you describe, ugh!) is that my other parent is in excellent health but I worry that they are WAY overtaxed being a 80-year-old full-time caregiver, and I live across the country where I'm no help at all except worrying and phone calls. But Yeah, overall: life is hard, it just is. But it's beautiful and wonderful too.


Funny story - my GF is 97 and suffering from some dementia.  He has outlived all but one of his 6 children.  He recently moved in with my aunt and she installed some special lock to thwart him from roaming outdoors on his own.  He asked the installer what they were for and was told it was to keep the cats from getting out.  An answer he accepted.  After the work was done he was invited to test them out.  It took him a minute but it was no problem.  His reply - 'seems like a lot of effort for some cats" (He was an aircraft flight engineer and apparently that part of his brain still works)

Dec 5, 18 3:30 pm
Non Sequitur

GF typically stands for girlfriend.


yeah, and... j/k

That's a hilarious story, Jerome. Love it.


maybe if DC put as much effort into his exams as he is doing with these spam posts, he’d be licensed already. 

Dec 6, 18 11:04 am
Non Sequitur

I just got a PM from a user I don't recognize... Am I wrong to assume that it's DC attempting to thwart my anon veil?



Non Sequitur

the email attached to the PM does not check out anywhere, so I'll add it to the ignore pile unless that user makes a dedicated thread.


Maybe worth checking the old 'nect mail for shits 'n giggles...


How do I check my archinect email address?

Non Sequitur

^it's under account settings.


I checked, nothing interesting besides +2500 new emails from archinect, apparently I was following TC and a couple of other threads...oh and a couple of emails from Rick.


Private message Setting:

( ) Allow other members to contact me 

(X) Do not allow other members to contact me

Non Sequitur

Pete, I leave mine on as I've had wonderful email exchanges with people outside of the forums.


I don’t have archinect email??? I don’t see it under settings....

Dec 6, 18 8:40 pm

If anyone is interested, some pics from my show are up on Instagram.

Dec 6, 18 11:57 pm

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