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An ellipsis [...] is used to signal an omission, an unfinished thought, aposiopesis, or brief awkward silence. Architectural ellipses are those aspects of the profession we (perhaps intentionally) omit, gloss over, or let dwindle in silence.

Generally applied this blog should encompass many aspects of the profession. Yet, as an intern architect (now architect) I'll focus primarily on the architectural ellipses that occur in the internship process (and beyond).

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Internet Winner 10/31/19, Award

OCT 31, 19 3:19 PM
RickB-Astoria: Why is this thread necro'd?

Everyday Architect: Because on this day the boundary between current threads and those that have passed into the great beyond (page 2) is thin. This allows zombie threads to come back and play tricks on all of us. Beware lest you fall prey to their trickery. You must make an offering unto them to appease them and send them back to their realm.

atelier nobody: EA wins the internet for today!