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    Goodbye Stranger

    Gregory Dowell
    Aug 19, '09 8:05 PM EST

    For the first time in 18 years I am not going back to school. So I guess technically I'm no longer a school blogger. That's why I'm here to say goodbye. Our time was short, just one year, but it was the most important year as I earned my Master of Architecture. So now its time to apply my knowledge acquired through six years of formal architectural education in the real world.

    I'm one of the fortunate ones who successfully landed a job upon graduation. After six weeks in Europe, I began my architecture career in mid-July. As my sixth week comes to a close, I'm 99.9% sure I'm doing what I love. And though I'm officially finished with school, the learning never stops. The amount of knowledge I've acquired in just six weeks on the job is astounding. Most of it is "stuff" that can't be taught in school.

    If you want to continue to follow me, head over to thebldgbloc(k) where I am chronicling my new job. Along with insights from my job I post random thoughts on architecture and the allied fields. I'll be hanging out in the forums, but don't be a stranger at my blog. I do work on some pretty awesome projects. So stop in to check them out and say hello.

    So now I'll step aside and let the returning and new school bloggers take over, and maybe I can provide some insight along the way...

    I'm not going back to school.


    • b3tadine[sutures]

      good luck gregor.

      Aug 20, 09 8:50 am  · 

      Bye Gregory! I hardly knew ye.

      Also congrats on landing a job, dude. That makes one of us. Literally.

      Aug 21, 09 8:35 pm  · 

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      Jan 6, 10 7:03 am  · 

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      Jan 8, 10 1:08 am  · 

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