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    Gregory Dowell
    Apr 6, '09 8:55 PM EST

    Now that my thesis presentation has come and gone, its time to look towards more exciting things. No I'm not talking about the small report I have to write about my thesis due in a few weeks, but rather my summer travels in Europe. I think I mentioned in a previous blog that I am finishing off my educational career with a 3 week historic preservation study abroad at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Crespi d'Adda outside of Milan supplemented by two weeks of traveling a few European countries.

    My time in Italy is pretty well laid out as I'll be seeing all the sights and sounds with my study abroad group (which is a nice size at 8). Milan, Como, Bellagio, Verona, Venice, Florence, Rome, etc. What is less known at this time is what I'm going to be doing the two weeks at the completion of my program. So that's where I turn to the collective insight of the Archinect world and seek suggestions.

    To make it a little easier on you I'll layout a rough calendar of destinations and the amount of time I'll be in each place. Please suggest anything and everything you found worth your time be it a historic building, awesome museum, scenic lookout/park, tasty restaurant, and most importantly, a good pub/bar.

    So here we go and thank you in advance.

    Munich 2-3 days
    Dresden 1 day*
    Berlin 4-5 days
    Budapest 2 days
    Prague 3 days

    And there you have it. If you think I should stay in a place longer or shorter than I have mentioned tell me that as well. I'm definitely going to Munich, Berlin, Budapest, and Prague. *The destinations between Munich and Berlin are still up in the air. I know the collective knowledge here is greater than Frommer's, Lonely Planet, so on and so forth. Don't let me down guys. Thanks.



      we covered munich a while back. 3 days isn't too much. you might maybe take a day to hit bregenz, though, as there are several projects there worth seeing. the fun with that is, you might as well hit liechtenstein, which means you might as well hit chur, which means you might as well hit vals/paspels, which means you might as well hit lugano/ticino, which means you might as well hit como, and then you're in milan. isn't travel planning fun?

      in munich, i especially recommend heading to muenchen-riem, as there is a lot to see and it's an interesting community.

      ludwig abache threw togethor a google map as well...

      Apr 6, 09 11:55 pm  · 

      Thanks holz. I haven't thoroughly examined the forum yet as time as not allowed it. The map looks great. The destinations and time in each are what they are. I'll enjoy, nonetheless. My interest in places to go/see/do isn't strictly architectural even though I'll be with two other arch students.

      Apr 7, 09 12:54 am  · 

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