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    Its Midterm...

    Gregory Dowell
    Oct 13, '08 6:46 PM EST

    So that means I have an exam tomorrow in HP Building Documentation and one Wednesday in HP Technology. Its been at least 18 months since I took any sort of exam, but I think I'll do just fine. I've been to all the lectures and completed all the readings so I shouldn't see any surprises.

    Nothing is "due" in studio for a few more weeks. Most of the historic preservation students along with my professor are heading to the National Trust Conference next week in Tulsa, so there is no studio then. That will give me some time to not only work on studio but also my thesis/design project proposal.

    My motivation is somewhat lacking right now, but since it is midterm we have a short fall break at the end of the week. My professional practice professor has canceled class on Thursday, to give us a 4-day weekend instead of the scheduled 3-day weekend.

    For break I'm heading back to my Alma Mater (U of Illinois Urbana Champaign) to visit some friends who remained there for graduate school and catch the Illinois/Indiana football game.

    So nothing really to report on this end. I just can't believe we're half way through the semester and while I've done a lot of work, I feel like its much less than previous semesters. Maybe I'm just "used" to it after 5+ years.

    I do have an interesting decision ahead of me. I'll discuss it more in a post to follow fall break but I have a choice between doing a full blown written thesis w/4 week charrette or a design project with small written selection. Either one will work, I just have to decide what's best for me as well as which contribution helps grow architectural knowledge more.

    But that's for later. I'm ready to get through Tuesday and Wednesday and totally escape for the long weekend and come back refreshed to work for the rest of the semester.

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