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    Gregory Dowell
    Sep 25, '08 2:43 PM EST

    On Tuesday I headed to Arcadia, IN with my Historic Preservation Documentation class to begin work documenting our historic building. Arcadia is literally in the middle of nowhere. After about an hour of side roads lined with rows of corn we finally made it to this small town. Good think we didn't blink or we would have missed it. Arcadia has your traditional late 19th century Main Street divided evenly by a railroad.

    Our job was to field verify the former "Movie Zone" which in its past has served as both a lodge and butcher shop. Remnants of both previous uses were visible in the buildings second floor, while most of the first floor had been adapted to serve as a video rental shop. We're really going to get into the history and evolution of the building through research next week. This weeks job was just to document the physical building. The new owners are looking to convert the building to a restaurant, studio, and residence. Documenting the second floor was really like stepping into a time machine. Here's some photos of the building.


    Then on Wednesday my Historic Preservation Studio made the hour journey to Indianapolis to begin our work with 10th Street and the Near East Side. With the Super Bowl (look Liberty Bell...FOOTBALL!) coming to Indianapolis in 2012 the NFL is going to build a $9 million training complex at Arsenal Technical High School, which is basically the western terminus of Indy's Near East Side. And with that comes the need to revitalize the entire area and surrounding neighborhoods. The area is bound to see an influx of money. Here's an article from the Indianapolis Star with more information.

    Last year's studio worked on the residential aspects, so this time around we are going to tackle (no pun intended) the commercial aspects. Working with the East 10th Street Civic Association and Near East Side Community Organzation we're going to determine their economic needs and provide a plan to revive the area. Right now we're looking at 10th Street from Arsenal to Olney. There are numerous historic buildings that need work as well as plenty of infill opportunities to create a vibrant 10th Street. It's still early in the process so I'll keep you updated as we decide the next course of action. Yesterday's trip was just to familiarize ourselves with the area and snap some photos.


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